Coquitlam High Speed Internet Service Provider

Coquitlam high speed internet service providers can be found in all shapes and sizes in terms of high speed internet availability, & high speed internet access Compare internet providers who sell high speed internet Coquitlam BC. No matter if you need it for home and business internet in Coquitlam BC, compare the best cheapest Coquitlam high speed internet providers plans prices rates deals by WRS Web Solutions Coquitlam high speed internet provider, and best ISP. Cheap Coquitlam high speed internet plans start at just $35.95! Internet Coquitlam no contract. No cancellation fees. No hidden fees. Modem required. Best unlimited internet Coquitlam is also available. Cheap internet Coquitlam! Best internet in Coquitlam. High speed internet overage costs apply to all cheap Coquitlam high speed internet plans that are not 'unlimited'. Our firm can offer cheap high speed internet service to just about every house in Coquitlam that is serviceable by Shaw high speed internet cable lines, as we deliver our cheap high speed internet plan services over the Coquitlam Shaw high speed internet cable lines, (but not just yet over their internet fibre Coquitlam high speed fibre to the premises or 'fttp' or 'ftth' Shaw fibre lines.) Coquitlam business high speed internet is usually available at locations where cable lines can be found often at Coquitlam high speed internet home costs (but we can't get new lines installed). Cottage high speed internet is also available in places where Shaw cable lines exist (or can be installed) in cottage areas The best cable internet provider in Coquitlam.

Compare The Cheapest Best Coquitlam High Speed Internet Plans

Cheap cable internet services for Coquitlam. Like various Coquitlam internet service providers, our Coquitlam high speed internet plan speeds below are in Mbps, and are 'up to'. 'Fee' means an Installation or Activation or Transfer cost and may be displayed as a 'setup fee' in various parts of the company's computer system Prices are per month optional best unlimited internet plans Coquitlam, now this a good internet Coquitlam price! Packages are made available through cable internet Coquitlam lines, through Coquitlam phone lines, and therefore are often not able to be provided in rural areas unless cable is available there. Thinking about the price of internet Coquitlam? This is cheap home internet from top internet providers Coquitlam. Look at a high speed internet Coquitlam providers list and compare internet providers, or see our high speed internet deals Coquitlam:

  • WRS Cable 5
  • Internet Rates Coquitlam
  • $35.95
  • 65GB Transfer
  • 5 Mpbs Down / 512 Kbps Up
  • Fee $89.95
  • Modem Needed
  • Overage $2/GB
  • Order
  • Order
    • WRS Cable 30
    • Cable Internet Plans Coquitlam
    • $59.95
    • 300GB Transfer
    • 30 Mpbs Down / 5 Mbps Up
    • Fee $89.95
    • Modem Needed
    • Overage $2/GB
  • Order
    • WRS Cable 60
    • Cable Internet Plans Coquitlam
    • $88.95
    • 300GB Transfer
    • 60 Mpbs Down / 6 Mpbs Up
    • Fee $89.95
    • Modem Needed
    • Overage $2/GB
  • Order
  • Coquitlam High Speed Internet Modems

    Vendor & Model | Firmware Version | WiFi (Yes / NO) | Max Speed

    Hitron CDA3-20 N/A NO 150

    Hitron CDA-RES NO 60

    Hitron CGN-CWV CGN-CWV- YES 60

    Huawei MT130U MT130UV100R001C01B072 NO 60

    Thomson DCM475 AC.02.51-131008-F-D.img NO 60

    Technicolor TC4300 FC.01.01-141212-F-D.img NO 60

    Motorola SB6120 NO 20

    We currently retail the Technicolor TC4300 DOCSIS 3 modem for high speed internet Coquitlam residents however this modem does not have any wireless capabilities, thus if you want to connect wireless devices to this modem you will need to have a wireless router that you physically connect to the modem, and next connect your various devices wirelessly to the wireless router.

    This Internet modem Coquitlam list of Coquitlam internet high speed suitable modems (for use with our great internet Coquitlam services) is up to date as of 9 Aug 2016, and is subject to change.

    Coquitlam FTTN Internet

    If your home is not serviceable by a cable line (as you don't have a cable line running to your place and you already know that a cable line can't be run we do have two other options If you reside in an urban area, you might be able to get Fibre to the neighborhood, or 'FTTN' for short, which is a way that we can use to deliver fibre high speed internet plans to your home through the Fibe FTTN fibre network which includes the phone line running to your home (It does not include any TV channels, phone service, or home security plans.) It is possible to retain a Telus phone and other services and still order the high speed internet service from WRS Web Solutions A 'dry loop' (phone line with no phone service) may be required and if required our firm can provide that. FTTN is only offerable in certain urban places plus some rural addresses that the fibre line may go by on the way to those neighborhoods. FTTN might or not be available in Coquitlam, or all parts of Coquitlam. Coquitlam Fibre plans prices and information can be reviewed" on the Fibre page. You can Contact us with your street address, and inquire on Coquitlam fibre/FTTN availability.

    Coquitlam Rural DSL Internet

    If you are not able to buy Coquitlam cable high speed internet or Coquitlam fibre high speed internet, you migth be able to get Coquitlam Rural DSL internet from us. It migh or might not be available in Coquitlam. DSL packages, prices and information are available on the Rural DSL page. You can Contact us with your street address, and inquire on Coquitlam DSL availability.

    WRS Web Solutions currently retails the DCM476 DOCSIS 3 modem, and the Cisco DPC 3848 modem for internet Coquitlam BC residents (You have the opportunity to buy one while placing the order for Coquitlam high speed internet from WRS Web Solutions - the top internet provider Coquitlam.

    When it comes to seeking a cable high speed internet service provider in Coquitlam, for your Coquitlam residence, our company feels that we provide the best month to month Coquitlam high speed internet service plans (no contract). You can even switch internet connection to us from another cable internet providers in Coquitlam. Our company is an alternative Coquitlam cable internet provider to the large Coquitlam cable and phone companies. Our company offers unlimited internet in Coquitlam, as well as internet Coquitlam no credit check. We have many of Coquitlam's best unlimited internet plans, better than many of the other cable high speed internet providers in Coquitlam!

    Switch Internet Connection

    Switch internet connection in Coquitlam. Thinking of switching high speed internet connection service providers in Coquitlam to our cheap Coquitlam high speed internet plans Review our cheap Coquitlam cable internet plans prices further down on this page and see if possibly you may save by switching. (If switching to WRS Web Solutions from Shaw Cable and you have decided to hold on to your Coquitlam Shaw Cable TV plan or Coquitlam Shaw Home Phone plan that is possible ) These low cost Coquitlam high speed cable internet plan choices are yours to make! Not sure if we can provide value priced internet package services at your Coquitlam home address?

    If you already have Coquitlam High Speed Internet

    If you currently receive Shaw Cable Coquitlam cable TV, Coquitlam Shaw high speed internet, internet Coquitlam cable, or some other variety of Coquitlam Shaw high speed internet then your Coquitlam residential address should be 'serviceable'. (Except if it is a Coquitlam 'fttp' / fibre line and not a Coquitlam 'cable' line, in which case you should already be aware of that.) If you have a contract for Coquitlam Shaw high speed internet or some other Coquitlam Shaw high speed internet plan, etc, you might not be able to switch from them to one of our cheap Coquitlam high speed internet plans until your contract is up As opposed to some companies our cheap high speed internet plans do not have contracts, and no cancellation fees either!

    Change from another Company

    Best Coquitlam High Speed Internet plans transfers between internet service providers for Coquitlam BC just got easier Now there are internet options Coquitlam high speed. So for cheap internet Coquitlam high speed plans, if you want to transfer to WRS Web Solutions Inc. active Coquitlam high speed internet provider service (cable internet Coquitlam, but not Coquitlam fttp internet service) from Shaw (or another company) you can now use this procedure to enable the quickest transfer. Place your cheap Coquitlam high speed internet order with us (including stating your desired Coquitlam activation/transfer date, at least a few days into the future as modem processing & shipping takes 3 to 4 days). Then contact your current Coquitlam high speed internet provider within 24 hours to make them aware of your desire to transfer your Coquitlam high speed internet plan service. If you do not perform this step before we process the order and submit it, Shaw will not allow the order. If you are planning to maintain a Coquitlam VoIP phone service (or cable TV) with your loosing Coquitlam high speed internet service provider you should let us know by answering those questions when ordering our cheap Coquitlam high speed internet package online (Sorry, but we do not sell Coquitlam cable TV only great high speed internet! That said we do sell Coquitlam VoIP telephone plan which includes Coquitlam business and Coquitlam home telephone calling card services from your Coquitlam VoIP website, utilizing a different customer and payment computer but not included with internet (and not covered by our affiliate programs).)

    Cheap Coquitlam High Internet Plans

    Cheap Coquitlam High speed Internet plans from WRS Web Solutions Inc. your Coquitlam high speed internet provider, span not just Coquitlam but various other regions of BC with a focus on internet services Coquitlam. We have been identified as high speed internet companies Coquitlam unlimited bandwidth, and that seem to be correct as we do retail those deals. Internet providers Coquitlam unlimited means you can have unlimited bandwidth utilization as a feature on many packages. The primary advantage of our cheap Coquitlam broadband internet plans over Shaw broadband internet (or other companies) is in our judgment the cost (i. e. internet service Coquitlam cheap) but you must compare best cheap Coquitlam high speed internet deals and prices and decide that on your own. The second advantage is the fact we do not require contracts or terms for our best cheap Coquitlam high speed internet plans We think that produces a good internet providers Coquitlam comparison. Cheap internet in Coquitlam, cheap internet in BC, and many of the very best internet rates Coquitlam! Find us under internet Coquitlam Reddit, internet Coquitlam review, or under internet providers in Coquitlam community forums, or the Coquitlam internet providers guide, and see what othet people have to say Make your personal internet service Coquitlam comparison. While for internet Coquitlam pupil, no worry, as internet Coquitlam providers we love of all clients which includes university students.

    If Shaw Cannot Provide - None Can We!

    Need internet packages Coquitlam for the suburbs or even for internet downtown Coquitlam. Searching for internet alternatives Coquitlam? Not getting a whole lot of joy? Want internet Coquitlam cheap? Especially looking for internet deals Coquitlam? If you had recently tried to get Coquitlam high speed internet service from Shaw, or some other internet providers Coquitlam, and they said they cannot provide service at your Coquitlam address, then please do not attempt to order it from us, as we use their physical cable system to offer our best cheap Coquitlam high speed internet plans as well, and without their cable line to you Coquitlam home, we aren't provide our best cheap Coquitlam high-speed cable internet service either (much as we would like too). Same applies if you checked the Postal Code checker on the Shaw website, if this said that the cable kind of Coquitlam high speed internet was not available at your Coquitlam Postal Code, then we will have the same problem, so no sense asking our firm if we provides service, as we cannot, so please do not place such an order for that service Now if you were seeking for Coquitlam cable internet providers by Postal Code, we regret that we do not have a Coquitlam Postal Code lookup box on our ISP site (as we were not able to get access to the information to power it), but instead we were able to provide a list of place names in which BC high speed internet is usually available, and that listing can be found on the Home page. Click on the button box for the matching place name but it will surely take you to a set of high speed internet packages offered in that place. Please be aware that our BC high rate internet packages differ from destination to place, and might make use of different modems from one BC destination to another, so having such a list on our home page is essential

    Coquitlam High Speed Internet Providers by Postal Code

    After receiving your Coquitlam high-speed internet package order, we depend on a manual internet providers by Postal Code confirmation of the Coquitlam address to ensure Shaw has a cable line going to your Coquitlam home, or can install one to you Coquitlam home for us. It is pretty much the same postal code lookup database box employed on the Shaw site, and employed by other Coquitlam internet providers. (The information in the database is not always correct sometimes it will say that internet service may be available at a Coquitlam address, and our firm accepts the order and even ships out a high speed internet modem to the address in Coquitlam, etc, only to determine days later from Shaw that the Coquitlam address we accepted the order for cannot be serviced. That may be frustrating for both us and the customer involved. During these situations we arrange a discount. We will usually even buy back any device we now have sold you.) Where available, we are usually the top cable internet service providers by postal code, and we are a Coquitlam alternative internet service provider, but at the end of the day if Shaw cannot provide then neither can we or almost all of the other internet providers by Postal Code.

    Suitable Modem Required in Coquitlam

    A Modem is required to get internet service in Coquitlam, BC, no matter if it is from us or any of the other internet Coquitlam service providers. If you are renting a modem from Shaw you will need to plan a date to return it on. We do not rent modems. You must provide a suitable modem (or purchase a suitable modem from us and we will ship it to you) or it will not work with our Coquitlam internet services). If you own your own suitable modem you must share with us the information we need (make / model, serial number, and the 'macid' or 'machine ID') when you place your Coquitlam high speed internet order online with us. We sell both non-wireless modems and wireless modems, please be sure to select the right kind

    If you buy a modem from us, an $11 shipping fee will be added at time of purchase (shown in the ordering system as a 'setup fee' but it is actually for 'shipping' and not for any sort of setup). If for some reason we were unable to provide service at your address (usually because Shaw cannot physically service the address for us) and you have bought a modem from us, after you have return (by Canada Post) the purchased modem (in 'new condition' in the original packaging) to our warehouse (where it was mailed from, please do not bring it to our Offices) we will process a refund.

    Coquitlam High Speed Internet Cost

    WRS Web Solutions Inc. Coquitlam high speed internet prices arevery competitive, even as are among the best internet providers Coquitlam, BC. Our best cheap Coquitlam high speed internet plans are charged from 'date of order' not from date of installation or activation. First month best cable high speed internet plan service will be prorated, and then billed by calendar month. High speed internet plan overages on each Coquitlam package that are not 'unlimited' will be at the rate of $2/GB ($3/GB on fibre/ DSL plans and in some other areas), and frequently appear on the subsequent month's invoice. In the event you decide at a later date to change your best cheap Coquitlam high speed internet package with us, a $25 change payment applies, so please select the best Coquitlam high-speed internet plan for your requirements or pick an unlimited internet Coquitlam package and you would not have to worry about overage charges. You're going to be billed by mail, credit cards are not billed automatically, and you need to pay the bill online using the payment gateway provided. WRS Web Solutions Inc. accepts credit cards and PayPal accounts. A day or two after we accept your order we will e-mail you with the modem shipping info and later the Installation/Activation day and time period.

    Coquitlam High Speed Internet Speed Test

    Internet slow Coquitlam? Need an internet velocity test Coquitlam? Not good. You must be with a competitor! As with almost all of the best cheap Coquitlam high-speed internet providers (ISP), the Coquitlam high speed internet plan cable connection internet speeds as listed above are maximum speeds under ideal circumstances ('Up to'), results may vary due to a lot of conditions, almost all of those are over and above our control, despite the fact that we routinely work hard to give the best internet services Coquitlam. Internet speed Coquitlam, for internet services Coquitlam. We think our speeds stack up well with our rivals and we are told they might even be a whole lot better. For more info on the variety of internet packages regarding Coquitlam subject areas please read our Knowledgebase.

    Coquitlam High Speed Web Installation / Activation

    The Coquitlam phone number you provide on the account at time of ordering is that the phone range we have a tendency to will supply to the Coquitlam Cable Internet Installer, who can phone to verify the appointment. If your Coquitlam home is already wired for cable, the Coquitlam Installer may not want to enter your Coquitlam home, so please connect the modem to the high speed internet cable, and the laptop to the modem (if not a wireless modem), then please try the high speed internet connection on your activation date (and the appointment time of day) and see if it's working or not. If it's working that's great news If you did not get a phone call, and the Coquitlam Installer didn't come and therefore the connection is not working, please contact us by mean of opening a Help Desk Ticket.

    Make sure that you provide a desired Set up date after you place your order on-line with us, and please ensure that date is at the least seven days in later on, as the third party Coquitlam Installers are typically already booked seven days out. Please include have your required time of the day as an example morning, afternoon, evening, etc.

    Watching American Netflix from Coquitlam

    Many paid (legal) streaming services including Netflix retail a much better choice of movies and TV shows to USA residents than they are doing to Canadian residents in Coquitlam. Many Canadians in Coquitlam pay about $4.99 a month for an 'unblocking service' to be able to get access to the complete list on such movies and TV shows, as if they lived in the USA. See our unblocking Netflix page for additional info or for a free of charge trial. Please note that using Netflix and other steaming or downloading services might use a lot of your Coquitlam high speed internet 'bandwidth' or 'usage', and if you do not have an Coquitlam unrestricted high-speed internet plan, this could get expensive in high speed internet overage charges. There is absolutely no 'on screen' warning when you go over the bandwidth usage limit on your Coquitlam broadband internet package, and no easy way that you should look it up either, you needless to say have to start a Help Desk solution and ask us (and it might take us 24 hours approximately to reply by e-mail), or just wait for your Coquitlam high speed internet overage invoice to come by e-mail at (or soon after) the end of the month, so please be cautious how much use you make of such high speed internet streaming and download services!

    Coquitlam Copyright Laws Violations / Infringement Notices

    Please notice that it is your call while streaming and downloading movies, TV shows, and other content using your Coquitlam high speed internet plan to make certain you are doing so legally. Once you do such activity your Coquitlam IP address is usually noticeable to those sites and is noted by them (and maybe others) and might be released by those sites to companies which search for folks from Coquitlam who have illegally copied copyrighted materials utilizing their Coquitlam high speed internet plan. Those companies might then send us 'copyright infringement notices' as per the Copyright Act, for us to send to you, and we have no legal option but to forward those to you, so please be cautious in what you stream or download (and from where), with your Coquitlam high-speed internet package as such activity is not 'anonymous' whatever others might assure you. Thanks in advance.

    Coquitlam Web Solutions Provider

    Our firm is a Coquitlam web alternatives company. Meaning when we write this, is that we provides the complete line of web solutions to Coquitlam business, organizations and individuals in Coquitlam and area, in addition to our cable high speed internet packages Actually just for reading this here and now today, WRS Web Solutions is offering a special rate on website design packages, just for individuals reading this web page, info below. Also below we will mention briefly about Coquitlam domain names, Coquitlam website host, Coquitlam web design, Coquitlam SEO, etc. Believe that it or not, buying a domain name is not the start of the process as some competitors would have you think. Rather a lot of thought should go into picking your domain name. The domain name name is critical aspect of the on page search engine optimization (SEO) of any Coquitlam website The selecting of the domain name should be done as part of the bigger picture. Thus before you decide on a domain name, ask us for some advice, or better yet ask us to work with you to design and build your Coquitlam website, including picking the domain name name.


    Coquitlam Site Plans

    Right now this is an exclusive website package deal for Coquitlam residents. For a limited time, and on this site only, (and in Canadian dollars) we are offering ten different Coquitlam website packages Coquitlam website packages . They will range in cost and quantity of pages as per below:

    $99 - One page Coquitlam site
    $199 - Two page Coquitlam website
    $299 - Three page Coquitlam website
    $399 - Four page Coquitlam site
    $499 - Five page Coquitlam website
    $599 - Six page Coquitlam site
    $699 - Seven page Coquitlam site
    $799 - Eight page Coquitlam website
    $899 - Nine page Coquitlam website
    $999 - Ten page Coquitlam site

    In addition there is also the option to add on when ordering 'Coquitlam on page SEO' (SEO is the abbreviation for search engine optimization, to your Coquitlam website - meaning improving, not guaranteeing, the chances your Coquitlam website will rank online search results for Coquitlam (or your target market) for particular keywords or phrases at $35 per page. Please note that the above Coquitlam website packages do not include web hosting or the domain, both of which you will require, and both of which need to be purchased from us as a condition of these above prices. (Please also note that while our Coquitlam website packages above are priced in Canadian dollars, our web hosting and domain name website operates in US dollars as it serves a global marketplace, not just Coquitlam.)

    Coquitlam Web Design Services

    Coquitlam web page design services, which are in addition to the above Coquitlam web design packages Need a Coquitlam web design? Looking for Coquitlam web design agencies or a Coquitlam website design company, specifically for affordable website design Coquitlam? Need a Coquitlam online store? Dug through Craigslist Coquitlam site design? Yeah Want a Coquitlam business website, Coquitlam ecommerce web design, or Coquitlam real estate web site design Want someone to update or fix your Coquitlam website Make it mobile friendly in Google Well, we can help with all your web design Coquitlam needs. Our Coquitlam web design prices are reasonable Contact us by opening a Help Desk Ticket , and tell us your Coquitlam needs and your budget and we will reply. Best Coquitlam website design! Coquitlam fast web design, with no obligation, and no commitment.

    Coquitlam Domain Names

    Planning a Coquitlam website? If so you require a domain name for your Coquitlam site. WRS Web Solutions provides a wide range of appropriate Coquitlam domain names. See our Coquitlam web hosting website for more details. WRS Web Solutions can even help you choose the top Coquitlam domain name for a Coquitlam business or organization. WRS Web Solutions has several years of experience in most parts of Coquitlam websites and can even assist you in picking on the ideal domain name for the Coquitlam marketplace

    Coquitlam Web Host

    Searching for Coquitlam based website hosting or Coquitlam web site web hosting for web hosting in Coquitlam Canada? Now to go with a Coquitlam domain name, you will have Coquitlam internet hosting WRS Web Solutions Inc. is your top notch Coquitlam web host Perhaps even the top Coquitlam internet hosting among the Coquitlam web hosting companies ! We choose to believe this is the case It just so happens we likewise market Coquitlam hosting for all different Coquitlam websites as well as WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP, despite the particular web-site we can most likely offer internet hosting Coquitlam BC . You should go to our web hosting webpage to learn more We do feature e-mails and cpanel, which scores of businesses can charge a lot more for. We are among the best Coquitlam hosts you could potentially ever want , even though we are not often in the Coquitlam web site hosting buying guides so why not have a look at us in the future you are going for Coquitlam website hosting companies Just how very cheap are our Coquitlam web hosting offers As an example of a choice which might fit the Coquitlam hosting company requirements of almost all beginner websites

    Coquitlam Beginner Hosting Package

    1 GB Disk Space
    10 GB Bandwidth
    3 E-Mail Accounts
    1 mySQL Database
    1 Domain Hosted
    Only $5.99/month! (in US dollars)

    * Domain name would be a small additional fee.

    Coquitlam VPS

    Coquitlam VPS server, and Coquitlam VPS hosting. We do offer Coquitlam virtual private servers (VPS) to meet a wide variety of budgets and needs. Please contact us by Help Desk ticket before ordering so we can confirm your requirements and Coquitlam VPS server availability.

    Coquitlam Dedicated Servers

    Coquitlam dedicated servers in addition to Dedicated servers. Coquitlam dedicated server hosting are the two matters we do well. We do make available Coquitlam dedicated servers. Take note that supply varies every so often Furthermore they simply cannot utilized to distribute junk web mail Kindly e-mail us for availability and prices before purchasing , and be sure to inform us what you are generally utilizing these for. Then you can easily make some more specific suggestions

    Coquitlam Affiliate Programs

    Coquitlam affiliate marketing and Coquitlam affiliates. If you are happy with your Coquitlam internet package services from our firm, and you wish to tell your Coquitlam friends, Coquitlam neighbors and Coquitlam co-workers about our Coquitlam high speed internet packages and costs, then you possibly be interested in maybe earning a few bucks spreading the word? In summary, we have two affiliate programs, one for the Coquitlam high speed cable intrenet, and a second one for Coquitlam web host and those sorts of services. Both are automated Coquitlam programs and are very simple to make use of (Just a piece of trivia, the limited time offer WRS Web Solutions Inc. has listed above on Coquitlam web hosting plans are covered by the affiliate program for this web site as opposed to of the first one where such services would normally be covered sorry for any confusion

    Once you are a Coquitlam client of ours and have a login on either our or from us websites, you just login to teh Client Area and click on the 'activate affiliate' link. This gives you a link you can give to people in Coquitlam (and elsewhere) whom you already know (no sending of spam e-mails please). If they click on the hyperlink (which contains your unique affiliate ID number), and most anything (except modems, VoIP services, the online store and the WRS Home Service program, and perhaps a few other exceptions) then you get a commission on that sale No cost to join or to belong to, no high pressure sales. No meetings or seminars to attend. Not MLM. Not ACN. You can belong to either or both programs, but both are separate from the other, and potential customers need to click the applicable hyperlink for the correct site for the sale to count. So if these people want a link to see our plans, please send them the hyperlink with your affiliate ID in it, and perhaps get a commission, on top of doing them a good deed?


    The above Coquitlam cable high speed internet packages prices availability, overage rates, Coquitlam web host packages etc, and other information may be subject to update without notice Not all Coquitlam packages are available at all Coquitlam addresses. Coquitlam modem costs and availability may be subject to change. Sales taxes apply. Terms and Conditions, Traffic Management Policy, & Privacy Policy policies are in force.

    Internet for Coquitlam! Our firm's Coquitlam High speed internet packages (as are DSL packages, are a month to month pay in advance service, you will receive an invoice by e-mail at the end of the month for the upcoming month. Billing begins from the order date not the installation/activation date. Credits (if any) are made against future invoices instead of current bills, (this is the manor by which our website works .

    The easiest method for Coquitlam residents to Contact WRS Web Solutions Inc. is by means of our website Help Desk. Our firm is a federally incorporated Canadian corporation, located in the Province of BC. It is able to offer high speed internet in Coquitlam WRS Web Solutions is independent corporation, completely separate from Shaw, and Telus, except (as per CRTC requirements) that we pay a fee if we make us of their Coquitlam cable or phone high speed cable Coquitlam lines to deliver our firm's Coquitlam internet packages.