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News Article - Cyber Attack Defences
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News Article - Cyber Attack Defences & Counter Measures

Most people go though life in today’s online world, not much aware of what goes on in the background. They rely heavily on their phones, laptops, and on every kind of app and website imaginable, so heavily in fact that they often fail to realise how much a part of their lives such devices and the internet have become. Oh sure they hear about the occasional spectacular online hacks of website, and the titillating details in the media. They even hear vague seemingly bassless stories of government sponsored or employed hackers in far away countries.

So what is it all about? Did you know that every minute hackers in the far corners of the world, or right next door, are systematically trying to break into hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands of websites, e-mail accounts, or web servers or other computer systems, and that is not counting their attempts to take control of laptops, PC, mobile phones, and such?

Often they use public (or private) proxy servers in countries such as France, China, Russia, Ukraine, The Seneschal Islands, Vietnam, India, Korea, etc, and yes even occasionally the USA, to try to Brute Force password attack these systems and accounts. They have computer programs that just hammer away at systems and accounts second by second, minute after minute, day after day, week after week until they guess the correct password, and then they are in! Often the owners or users of those systems or accounts have no idea they are under a relentless cyber attack for days, weeks or months, or longer, until the bad guys get in and steal what they want or take control of the system. Often what they find is of no value. That is how it is done. (For those thinking of copying that, don’t do it, as every time you try, you will leave a trail.)

The best defence against such attacks is to have very strong passwords, ideally not real words found in any dictionary, and they should also contain upper and lower case characters, and numbers and one or more characters which are not letters or numbers. Also keep your free anti-virus program up to date, and keep your software up to date. If you have a website, hope that your service provider has Cpanel Hulk Brute Force protection (or equivalent) enabled, and check your error logs to see who has been having trouble (trying to hack in) logging into your system, especially people in far away countries that you would not expect to be visiting your website or server. You can also use features such as ‘Cpanel Global e-mail filters’ to block out spam from specific IPs (found in the e-mail header), which may save your mailbox from receiving tens of thousands of spam e-mails. There are also more advanced types of defences.

While these attacks happen in the shadows, the counter measures that web hosting companies and Internet Service Provider (ISP) companies such as WRS Web Solutions Inc. www.wrswebsolutions.ca use to counter these threats happen in the background as well, second by second, minute by minute, week in, week out, month by month. As the attackers systems never sleep, neither do the defenders systems sleep. They are watching even now.

Business as usual.

The war continues. It is very much a defensive war from our perspective (and we are doing very well thank you). It is a war which the public seledom sees or hears about. The attackers range from what (may perhaps) be foreign government agencies with lots of resources, to teenagers in their rooms with far less resources, to 'others' who systematically hijack the modems of ordinary people (even in Canada) and use them as public proxy servers to wage war agianst various networks.