List of Suitable Modems - Ontario

We have two lists of modems. One list per Service Area. They are different. Please do not confuse the two lists! Also please be careful to order a wireless modem if you want a wireless modem, as not all modems are wireless.

Service Area 1 (Rogers Cable Network)

Huawei MT130U V100R001C01B071

Motorola SB6141 -

Motorola SBG6580 -

Technicolor DCM475 STAC.02.16

Technicolor DCM476 AC.02.50

Technicolor DCW775 STB5.01.51

Technicolor TC4300 STFC.01.01

Cisco DPC3848 dpc3800-v303r2042161

Hitron CDA3 HW: 1A FW:

The above list is current as of 17 June 2016, and is subject to change.

We currently sell the DCM476 DOCSIS 3 modem, and the Cisco DPC 3848 modem for internet Service Area 1 (Rogers cable network) users. (You would have the chance to buy one when placing an order for high speed internet with us.

All of the above modems work with the WRS Cable 5 plan, though not all are wireless!

The Technicolor DCM476 DOCSIS 3 modem is not wireless, and only has one LAN cable port. It works with our WRS Cable 5, 15, and 30 plans. $120

The Hiltron CDA 3 works with all of our high speed cable internet plans including the WRS Cable 100, but it is not wireless. $120

The Cisco DPC 3848 works with all or our high speed cable internet plans and is wireless. (We are experiencing known WiFi issues with the Cisco DPC3848 at this time, and are working towards a resolution.) $195

Please note that an $11 shipping charge and HST sales tax are extra. Shipped by Canada Post (except during Postal Disruptions when we ship by Courier instead.). Prices and availability subject to change.

Click Here To Shop For a Modem if you are buying one without buying a high speed internet service plan, otherwise, when you buy a high speed internet service plan from us, you will be given the option as part of the process to buy a suitable modem for your area. Please note that some modems are wireless and some are not, the modem descriptions at the checkout will tell you. When in doubt is is recommend to buy a wireless modem, especially if you do not own a router.

Service Area 2 (Cogeco Cable Network)

SA DPC 3000 running FW v303r2390-090629a

ONT Only RCA-TC DCM 476 running STAC 2.50

Technicolor TC4300 STFC.01.01

This modem list current as of 17 June 2016, and subject to change.

We currently sell the DCM476 DOCSIS 3 Modem. (You would have the chance to buy one when placing an order for high speed internet.)

Modem Questions

If you have modem questions please contact us though the Help Desk by opening a Help Desk Ticket from this website. Modem Inquiries.

If you are transferring your Rogers or Cogeco high speed internet service to us, and you own your own modem, please note that it may take 1 to 2 days for your modem to be switched over in the system (and start working), after we have all the required information. Please plan ahead. If you have a Home phone from Rogers, and are switching your high speed internet to us, please let us know as there are extra administrative steps we need to take with Rogers. Please note that you cannot switch a Rogers FTTP (fibre to the premises) to us at this time.