Unblock Netflix


Unblock Netflix, watch American Netflix as if you were in the USA, rather than the smaller selection available to those in Canada and other countries. See if this gives you more shows to watch.

See What you are Missing!

You should see what you're missing when you unblock Netflix. In fact why don't you do just that! Learn just how easy it is to set up and all the cool things you can do with it! For a free week trial, click here! Then if you want to continue it is only about $4.99 a month.

Background Info

The decision whether or not to use an 'unblocking service' is an informed decision you make on your own. Use of such services is common place among many Canadians, and the residents or many other countries as well. WRS Web Solutions Inc. does not own this unblocking service, though we have visited their website, and both their website and their service seem to work rather well! The services they provide seem to be good value for money. It is our understanding that they are based outside of both the USA and Canada. Please note that the use of any unblocking service is a private arrangement between yourself and the unblocking service, billed by them directly to you, and the unblocking service is separate from your services from WRS Web Solutions Inc. Any questions on the unblocking service should be directed to them, via their website. They provide customer support for their unblocking service from their website.