Province of Quebec High Speed Internet Services Providers

Province of Quebec cable high speed internet service providers. Click on the community you live in below to see the month to month internet service no contract term or disconnect fee, best high speed internet services plans available in your area. You can even switch internet connection to us from some other Province of Quebec high speed internet service providers. Or if you like you can scroll further down the page and read a bit more about us, and then click on the place you live to see our high speed internet plans and prices. WRS Web Solutions Inc. is a residential alternative high speed internet provider to the large cable and phone companies throughout most of the urban areas of Province of Quebec.

Province of Quebec Service Area

Province of Quebec Service Area for WRS Web Solutions Inc. While WRS Web Solutions Inc. does not itself have any physical presence in the Province of Quebec, and dos not own any cable, fibre or phone lines in the province, it is able to provide cable high speed internet plans over the both the Videotron and Cogeco cable lines in Quebec, and generally speaking QST is charged on all sales to Quebec residents. The Activation/Install/Setup fee is a bit higher than that listed for the Province of Quebec places. We are able to provide cable high speed internet services to all addresses in the Province of Quebec which are serviceable by either Videotron or Cogeco cable TV lines, and the same applies, if they can't provide high speed internet service at your address neither can we (it would only be a waste of your and our time to ask if you already know they cannot). Videotron is the largest cable high speed internet provider in the province. The plans and prices we offer over both networks are different, as are the fees for Installation / Activation / Setup.

Service Area Which Uses the Videotron Network

If you live in Montreal, the Montreal area, Gatineau, or Quebec City, chances are excellent that we can provide you with cable high speed internet services over the Videotron network. You should be able to place an order with us, unless of course you already know that your address is not serviceable by Videotron, or were unable to get services from Videotron in the past. Since we use their cable lines, if there is no line to your home, and they can't run a line to your home, and you already know this, please do not place an order with us or ask us if it is serviceable, as it will not be serviceable. If you are are transferring your service from Videotron please tell us that when you are placing an order, then please tell them that you are transferring to us.

Gatineau Montreal Quebec City Saguenay Sherbrooke Three-Rivers

To order or please click on the $ symbol to the right of each plan in the table below. ↓ = download speed in mbps, ↑ = upload speed in mbps. Both speeds are 'up to'. Usage = monthly bandwdth usage in GB. Un = Unlimited

Plan Usage Cost $
Cable 5 - 150 5 1 150 $24.95 $
Cable 5 - 200 5 1 200 $26.95 $
Cable 5 - 400 5 1 400 $31.95 $
Cable 5 Unlim 5 1 Un $37.95 $
Cable 10 - 150 10 1.5 150 $28.95 $
Cable 10 - 200 10 1.5 200 $32.95 $
Cable 10 - 400 10 1.5 400 $37.95 $
Cable 10 Unlim 10 1.5 Un $43.95 $
Cable 15 - 150 15 10 150 $29.95 $
Cable 15 - 200 15 10 200 $37.95 $
Cable 15 - 400 15 10 400 $42.95 $
Cable 15 Unlim 15 10 Un $48.95 $
Cable 20 - 150 20 10 150 $38.95 $
Cable 20 - 200 20 10 200 $39.95 $
Cable 20 - 400 20 10 400 $45.95 $
Cable 20 Unlim 20 10 Un $51.95 $
Cable 30 - 150 30 10 150 $39.95 $
Cable 30 - 200 30 10 200 $46.95 $
Cable 30 - 400 30 10 400 $49.95 $
Cable 30 Unlim 30 10 Un $52.95 $
Cable 60 - 150 60 10 150 GB $54.95 $
Cable 60 - 200 60 10 200 $56.95 $
Cable 60 - 400 60 10 400 GB $59.95 $
Cable 60 Unlim 60 10 Un $62.95 $
Cable 120 - 200 120 20 200 $64.95 $
Cable 120 Unlim 120 20 Un $69.95 $
Cable 200 - 200 200 30 200 Coming Soon .
Cable 200 Unlim 200 30 Un Comming Soon .

Additional Information

Charge Price
Overage Charge $2/GB
Change Plan $20.00
Activation / Install / Setup fee $99.95
Repair Diagnostic Charge (DMC) $110.95
Modems Price
Technicolor TC4300 DOCSIS 3 $109.00
Postage Price
Postage $11.00
  • Approved Modems
    • Technicolor/Thomson - DCM-475
    • Technicolor TC4300 STFC.55.01
    • Motorola - SB 6120 (DOCSIS 3)
  • Service Area Which Uses The Quebec Portion of The Cogeco Cable Network

    If the place you live in is on the lists of place names below, then there is a good chance we can provide cable internet services to you address over Cogeco's cable TV lines, and it is OK to go ahead and place an order with us, (unless you know that there is no Cogeco cable line running to your home, and have not been able to get services with them in the past, in which case please do not place such and order or ask us to see if we could service the address, as we would not be able to provide the service). If it turns out, after placing and paying for your order that we were not able to provide such service, we would refund your money. We do collect QST sales tax on all orders for Province of Quebec residents, for later remit to Revenu Quebec.

    Acton Vale, Adstock, Alma, Amqui, Anse-A-Valleau, Anse-Au-Griffon, Asbestos, Aston-Jonction, Aubert-Gallion, Ayers Cliff

    Baie-Comeau, Baie-Du-Fevre, Bainsville, Barachois, Batiscan, Beauceville, Beaulac, Becancour, Bishopton, Blackcap, Bon-Conseil, Bonaventure, Brebeuf, Bridgeville, Bromptonville, Bury

    Canne-De-Roche, Canton Magog, Cap-Aux-Os, Cap-Chat, Cap-Des-Rosiers, Cap-Noir, Cap-St-Ignace, Caplan, Causapscal, Chambord, Champlain, Chandler, Charette, Chelsea, Clarke City, Cleveland, Cloridorme, Coin-Du-Banc, Courcelles

    Dalhousie Station, Danville, Daveluyville, Delisle, Desbiens, Deschaillons, Disraeli, Douglastown, Drummondville

    East Broughton, East Broughton Station, Fontenelle, Forestville, Forillon

    Garthby, Gascon Centre, Gascons, Gaspe Gaspe, Gentilly, Girardville, Grand St-Esprit, Grand-Mere, Grande-Ile, Grande-Vallee, Gros-Morne

    Ham-Nord, Hebertville, Hebertville-Station, Herouxville, Hope, Hopetown, Hudson, Ivry-Sur-Le-Lac

    La Guadeloupe, La Presentation, Lac-A-La-Tortue, Lac-Au-Saumon, Lac-Bouchette, Lac-Carre, Lac-Cayamant, Lac-Etchemin, Lac-Superieur, Lamarche, Lambton, Lanse-Pleureuse, Lantier, Lascension-De-N-Seigneur, Le Bic, Louiseville, Luceville

    Maddington, Madeleine-Centre, Magog, Manche-Depee, Marbleton, Mashteuiatsh, Maskinonge, Matane, Melbourne, Metab-L-A-La-Croix, Mont-Joli, Mont-Louis, Mont-Tremblant, Montagne-Noire, Montmagny, Morin-Heights, Murdochville

    New-Carlisle, Newport, Nicolet, Nicolet-Sud, Normandin, North Hatley, Notre-Dame-De-Pierreville, Notre-Dame-Des-Pins, Notre-Dame-Du-Mont-Carmel

    Odanak, Omerville, Orford

    Pabos, Pabos-Mills, Paspebiac, Perce, Peribonka, Petit-Cap, Petit-Matane, Petite-Vallee, Piedmont, Pierreville, Plessisville, Pointe-Au-Pere, Pointe-Du-Lac, Pointe-Fregate, Pointe-Jaune, Pontbriand, Port-Cartier, Port-Daniel, Price

    Richmond, Rigaud, Rimouski, Rimouski-Est, Riviere-Au-Renard, Riviere-Beaudette, Riviere-Madeleine, Roberval, Roxton Falls

    Saint-Charles-De-Drummond, Saint-Cyrille-De-Wendover, Saint-Eugene, Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carre, Saint-Leon, Saint-Majorique, Saint-Martin, Saint-Maurice, Saint-Nicephore, Saint-Prosper, Saint-Romain, Saint-Timothee, Sainte-Agathe-Des-Monts, Sainte-Agathe-Nord Sainte-Anne-Des-Monts, Salaberry-De-Valleyfield, Sayabec, Sept-Iles, Shawinigan, Shawinigan-Sud, Shigawake, Shipton, St-Adolphe-Dhoward, St-Alexis-Des-Monts, St-Alphonse-De-Caplan, St-Anaclet, St-Andre Dacton, St-Anicet, St-Barnabe-Nord, St-Barnabe-Sud, St-Barthelemy, St-Benoit-Labre, St-Boniface-De-Shawinigan, St-Bruno-Lac-St-Jean, St-Celestin, St-Cuthbert, St-Damase, St-Dominique-De-Bagot, St-Donat-De-Montcalm, St-Elie, St-Elie-De-Caxton, St-Elzear-De-Bonaventure, St-Ephrem-De-Beauce, St-Etienne-Des-Gres

    St-Evariste-De-Forsyth, St-Fabien, St-Ferdinand, St-Francois, St-Francois-De-Sales, St-Francois-Du-Lac, St-Frederic, St-Gedeon, St-Gedeon-De-Beauce, St-Georges, St-Georges-De-Champlain, St-Georges-De-Malbaie, St-Georges-Est St-Georges-Est, St-Gerard, St-Gerard-Des-Laurentides, St-Germain-De-Grantham, St-Godefroi, St-Gregoire, St-Guillaume, St-Honore-De-Shenley, St-Hyacinthe, St-Jean-Baptiste-Nicolet, St-Jean-De-La-Lande, St-Jerome De Matane, St-Joseph-De-Coleraine, St-Jovite St-Jovite, St-Leonard-D'Aston

    St-Leonard-Daston, St-Liboire, St-Ludger, St-Mathieu-Du-Parc, St-Narcisse, St-Nazaire-Du-Lac-St-Jean, St-Paulin, St-Pie, St-Pierre-De-Broughton, St-Pierre-Les-Becquets, St-Prosper-De-Dorchester, St-Sauveur, St-Sauveur-Des-Monts, St-Sebastien-De-Frontenac, St-Severin, St-Simeon-De-Bonaventure, St-Simon-De-Bagot, St-Simon-Les-Mines, St-Stanislas-De-Champlain, St-Stanislas-De-Kostka, St-Sylvere, St-Telesphore, St-Theodore-Dacton, St-Theophile, St-Thomas Daquin, St-Thomas-De-Caxton, St-Thomas-Didyme, St-Tite, St-Ulric, St-Viateur, St-Victor, St-Wenceslas, St-Yvon

    Ste-Adele, Ste-Angele, Ste-Anne-De-La-Perade, Ste-Anne-Des-Lacs, Ste-Anne-Du-Sault, Ste-Barbe, Ste-Blandine, Ste-Catherine-De-Hatley, Ste-Eulalie, Ste-Flavie, Ste-Genevieve-De-Batiscan, Ste-Gertrude, Ste-Justine, Ste-Luce, Ste-Lucie-Des-Laurentides, Ste-Madeleine, Ste-Marguerite Station, Ste-Marguerite-Lac-Masson, Ste-Marthe, Ste-Monique, Ste-Perpetue, Ste-Rosalie, Ste-Ursule

    Thetford Mines, Thetford Sud, Tingwick, Tres-St-Redempteur, Tring-Jonction, Trois-Lacs(Asbestos), Trois-Rivieres, Trois-Rivieres-Ouest

    Upton, Val-Brillant, Val-David, Val-Des-Lacs, Val-Des-Monts, Val-Morin, Valcourt

    Wakefield, Weedon, Wickham, Windsor, Wolinak, Wottonville

    Yamachiche, Yamaska, Yamaska-Est

    Plans For Above Places In The Cogeco Network Service Area
    Plan Down (up to) Up (up to) Usage Cost Buy
    WRS Cable 15C - 150 15 2 150 $39.95 Buy
    WRS Cable 15C - 400 15 2 400 $49.95 Buy
    WRS Cable 15C - Unlimited 15 2 Unlim $59.95 Buy
    WRS Cable 40C - 150 40 10 150 $44.95 Buy
    WRS Cable 40C - 400 40 10 400 $54.95 Buy
    WRS Cable 40C - Unlimited 40 10 Ulim $64.95 Buy
    WRS Cable 60C - 150 60 10 150 $59.95 Buy
    WRS Cable 60C - 400 60 10 400 $69.95 Buy
    WRS Cable 60C - Unlimited 60 10 Unlim $79.95 Buy

    Additional Information

    Charge Price
    Bandwidth Overage Charge $2/GB
    Change of Plan $20.00
    Activation / Installation / Setupfee $69
    Repair Diagnostic Charge (DMC) $90

    Modems Price
    Technicolor TC4300 DOCSIS 3 $109.00
    Shipping Price
    Shipping $11.00
  • List of Approved Modems
    • Vendor Model (HW version) Firmware Version
    • SA DPC 3000 running FW v303r2390-090629a
    • ARRIS(Motorola) SB5101N -FW: SB5101NU-
    • Technicolor(RCA) DCM 325 -FW: ST32.0D.00 or ST32.0E.16
    • Technicolor(RCA) DCM 425 -FW: ST52.01.02 or ST52.05.90
    • Cisco DPC 3000 -FW: v303r2390-090629a
    • ARRIS(Motorola) SB6141 -FW:
    • Cisco DPC 3008 -FW: d3000-v302r125552-120315a
    • Coship CCM8200 -FW:
    • Hitron CGN-CWV -FW:
    • Hitron CDA-RES -FW: 4.2.17NA-T1
    • SmartRG SR804n -FW: CMM1.2U23W-4-SR-RA3B012-V0.EN or
    • Technicolor TC4300 -FW: STFC 01.01
    • Technicolor(Thompson) DCM 476 -FW: STAC 2.50
    • Hitron CDA3 -FW:
    • Cisco DPC3848VM -FW: TS9.1.93
    • ARRIS TG2472G -FW: v303r2042162-141212a
  • Best Home Internet Plans

    Here at WRS WEb Solutions Inc, we feel that we have some of the best home internet plans in the province of Quebec. Why not check out our Quebec home internet plans, and compare our home internet plans to what you are paying now? Our month to month plans do not require a contract! (Please note that not all addresses in every place are 'serviceable', and we have no control over that, as we 'rent' so to speak, using cable company lines in order to deliver our high speed internet services for the 'last mile' to the customer's home. If only we could use them for free! Have questions? No problem, please Contact Us.

    If the Quebec community you live in is not listed above, please Contact Us prior to ordering (and please provide your postal code, otherwise we will have to reply asking you what your postal code is) so that we can determine if services are available in your area or not. By the way, if Videotron and Cogeco were unable to service your address with cable high speed internet, unfortunately we will run into exactly the same problem, so placing an order with us will waste both of our time.) If for any reason we are unable to provide high speed internet services, we will refund your money. We accept Visa, MasterCard and PayPal accounts.

    Please note that most farms, acreages, and rural addresses in the Province of Quebec are generally speaking not inside our service area (though there are exceptions). If you currently have (or had) cable TV or high speed cable internet at your address in Province of Quebec with Videotron or Cogeco then there is a good chance we can provide cable high speed internet service at your address (in Province of Quebec). We do not currently offer fibre (FTTP / FTTH) internet. If you are looking for high speed internet for your business we might be able to provide it at residential rates (if the cable line is already existing, and no new cable wiring is required), but please Contact Us before ordering so we can check into your unique situation. It is helpful when contacting us to provide your street address including your Postal Code, and if there is any existing Videotron or Cogeco cable wiring at the home please let us know that as well.

    Our Quebec cable high speed internet services are invoiced by e-mail at the start of each month (in advance) for that month. A $2 per GB overage charge applies to all plans which are not 'unlimited', and are usually billed at the beginning of the following month. A modem is required, you can buy one from us when you place an order, or your can provide your own if it is on our list of suitable modems, in which case we will require the modem details when you place your order. Sorry, but we do not rent modems. Modems are not shipped on the weekends or on holidays. Modems are shipped from a warehouse in Ontario, by Canada Post Xpresspost (three day delivery in most cases, with online tracking) and we do not stock modems at our offices. (In the event of Postal strikes we use courier companies.) There is an initial fee for Installation or Activation (which may show as a 'Setup fee' in our ordering/billing systems). We have two service areas, which use different physical networks, thus there is a different list of modems for acceptable use on each network, as well speeds and plans vary by network. Please note that while we sell both wireless and non-wireless modems for our customers who get service over the Videotron network, we only sell non-wireless modems to our customers on the Cogeco network. We do have a list of modem, including wireless ones which will work on the Cogeco network, just as we have a list of the same on the Videotron side of things. If providing your own modem you need to give us the model, serial number and mac Id at the time you place your order, or buy one from us.

    If you have a home phone or cable TV with an existing Quebec high speed internet service provider, and you wish to keep either or both, please indicate that when asked in the ordering process. We do not offer cable TV, but we do offer VoIP phone services, including business and home phone phone calling card services from our VoIP website, using a separate customer and billing system, though not bundled with internet, and not covered by our affiliate programs. We do not provide support for the devices you connect to it.

    If you are using Netflix, we strongly recommend that you set your streaming settings to the lowest setting for each 'watch as' person you have set up in Netflix. The majority of people do not notice any difference in picture quality. For 'Kids' accounts one needs to make regular accounts to be able to change the setting on them. Then change them back to 'Kids' accounts. Otherwise Netflix uses the highest settings, which will use much more of your bandwidth than you may realise and may lead to expensive bandwidth overage charges. At any time you may Contact Us to ask where you are in terms of your internet bandwidth usage.

    We provide our support though a Help Desk - Ticket system, as opposed to phone support. Replies will come to you by e-mail. We usually reply to all tickets within 24 hours, 7 days a week. This provides you with a complete record of all questions, problems, answers and solutions, etc. We also have an affiliate referral program, should you wish to look into it.

    Please note that in making mention of the names Videotron and Cogeco above, we have only intended to use them within the context of explaining to potential customers that we deliver our cable high speed internet services over their cable networks within the Province of Quebec. WRS Web Solutions Inc. pays to use their networks when so used. WRS Web Solutions Inc. is an independent company, not owned by either Cogeco or Videotron. Neither does WRS Web Solutions Inc, represent either Cogeco or Videotron.