Changes to Overage Rate & Traffic Management Notes

  • Friday, 6th November, 2015
  • 06:19am

Notice to customers: Please note that our high speed cable internet overage rate will change effective 1 Dec 2015, from .50 cents per GB (max of $50 per month), to a new rate of $1.00 per GB (no monthly maximum). (The remainder of the pages on our website will be updated as we get a chance to do so, and this may take quite some time.)

Please look at your historical high speed cable internet monthly usage and if need be please consider asking to change to a higher usage plan to avoid overage charges. There is a small fee to change plans. At any time you may request usage data from us (no charge to get the info), and we will look it up for you. Please do this by Help Desk Ticket.)

Please also note that on 1 Dec 2015 we will be implementing an SIR (Shared Internet Resource) Policy which is more fully explained as an article in our 'Knowledgebase'. (Most users will not notice any difference in service.)

We have also added an article to our Knowledgebase regarding Rogers Traffic Magement Techniques, which likely affect our cable internet customers who get our services over the Rogers cable/plant network. (In short whatever traffic management techniques Rogers is already applying to its own customers, is already automatically being applied to ours, in addition to the above SIR Policy.)

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