About WRS Web Solutions Inc.

About WRS Web Solutions Inc. WRS Web Solutions Inc. is a company which started out offering web hosting, and then branched out into domain names and cpanel web hosting. The company also built and operated over 500 informational / advertising websites on a wide variety of topics, and has owed various websites over time. Do to changing market conditions many of these websites were discontinued.

We still offer website design, hosting domain names, SEO, website maintenance and other such services. WRS Web Solutions Inc. has established numerous relationships with a wide variety of other companies over the years, allowing it to draw on additional outside resources as and when needed to assist in meeting customer needs. We have built and maintained websites for various satisfied customers.

WRS Web Solutions Inc. also offers VoIP Home Phone services and international calling card like services, though we do not support customer devices. WRS Web Solutions Inc. has submitted registration to the CRTC as a telecommunications services provider, Non-Facilities-Based Provider.

WRS Web Solutions Inc. continues to offer a wide variety of high speed internet plans in the Provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec. In fact the size of the service area has recently increased though our recently granted access to Cogeco's and Videotron's Quebec cable networks, to the extend that now most of the urban addresses in Ontario & Quebec that are serviceable by cable company lines are now able to be serviced with our high speed internet plans. This is much the same situation in Alberta and BC we are we now have access to the Shaw cable networks in these two provinces (only), to be able to offer our cable high speed internet services. If you go to the Home page of this site you will see a list of place names, and if the place you live is listed there, chances are very good that we can offer you our high speed internet services! If the place is not listed you are welcome to contact us (by e-mail or Help Desk ticket and ask us to check and see if we can service your address, please include your Postal Code.)

You can read more about WRS Web Solutions Inc. on our www.wrswebsolutions.com website. In addition we have our www.wrsbuilder.com website, as well as other websites. Below you will find a number of links to our various services on this and other websites.

WRS Web Solutions Inc. is able to offer various other services on request. It also has a background in Material Management, Supply Chain, and other areas of Logistics.