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Frequenlty Asked Questions - FAQs - High Speed Internet Service Providers
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) High Speed Internet Providers

Frequently asked questions, FAQs. Welcome to the WRS Web Solutions Inc. high speed internet service providers frequently asked questions page. We also have a Support and a Knowledgebase page which contain other information which may assist you or be of interest.

Internet Availability For My Address

We offer a variety of unlimited data use plans of various speeds for your home (and/or small business), to fit most any need. Each plan is fast enought to stream Netflix. No term contracts. For serious gamers, and ongoing video conferencing needs, you may wish to consider our faster plans. For more information on the internet plans that we offer, and internet availability for my address, please see our Check Internet Plan Availability For My Address page.

Are you owned by the Cable or Phone Companies?

No we are not. We are a privately owned company. Veteran owned and 100% Canadian owned. Federally incorporated on 1 May 2010, registered with the CRTC as an internet service provider, resident in Ontario, and we offer internet plans in all provinces.

How Long Does It Take To Get Installed

If it is a new Installation / Activation, then it will take about a week (or so, could be less, could be more). If it is a transfer of an existing active cable internet connection, if might only take a few days, depending on which network is being used. A tentative install date is usually emailed to you within a day or so of your placing your order (with payment) through the website, and is usually followed up later on with a confirmation email of that date. The modem is usually shipped by Canada Post Xpresspost, and would arrive in about 3 days (or so), modems do not ship on weekends as Canada Post does not pick up on weekends.

How Can I Upgrade My Internet Plan?

As long as you are one of our internet plan customers, to upgrade your plan just open a Help Desk Ticket with us (email us), and ask about that, or tell us which plan you wish to upgrade to, and we will make the plan change. It might take a couple of days for the plan change to take effect. If you have questions just ask.

Why Must I Provide A Phone Number When Placing My Order?

We rarely phone people, (and we will not put your phone number on anyone's telemarketing lists). We do however need to provide the Installers (who are contracted), a phone number that they can reach you at, so that before coming over that day (on the Insallation date), they can call ahead to ensure that someone (18 years of age or older) will be there to meet them. If they do not have a phone number, or the number is 'out of service', or not the right number, or nobody answers it, or they can only get the voice mail, etc, then they likely will assume that nobody is home, and they will likely will not show up. Instead they will likely cancel the appointment. Due to these reasons, all orders require a phone number (that you can be reached at on the date of Installation) to be provided at the time the order is placed. Mobile phone numbers are suitable. (We are not able to provide you with a phone number that you can reach the Installers at.) In additon if you live in a building that requires people to be buzzed in, they just might need you to buzz them in, and to do that they would likely need to call you.

Why do I have to pay when I place my order?

To prevent fraud, we require that customer orders be paid in full when they are placed. (After all we are not going to ship out an expensive modem to people in hopes they might pay for it, otherwise we might suddenly find ourselves shipping our rather a lot of modems, which they then resell online.) The costs you will pay at that time will be for the monthly service, plus the cost of the modem (if buying one, or mothly rental of renting one), the modem shipping fee of about $12.95 plus any one time fee for Installation or Activation or Transfer, plus applicable sales taxes based on the province the internet service address is located in. (Please note that we invoice from date of order.)

Mutiple Payment Options

We offer mutiple payment options. Generally they are grouped into three groups. The first group is the option to pay by credit card or Apple Pay or Google Pay. For these options we use a company called Stripe Payments Canada Ltd., as our merchant credit card processor. The second group is Interac e-transfer (money transfer, send money), and it uses your online banking, (you literally 'send' us the money to cover the Invoice). The third group is credit card or PayPal account, and this group uses PayPal Canada Co. as our merchant credit card processor. The default option on the shopping cart is the first group.

Credit Cards & Stripe

If you choose to pay by credit card using the Stripe payment option, your credit card number will be automatically charged for each future invoice as it is generated by our billing system. If the credit card is declined by the bank, Stripe will continue to try to charge it on a daily basis.

Credit Cards & PayPal

When paying for your order you will be shown payment choice buttons on it. One says 'PayPal Subscribe' and one says 'Paypal Check Out'. If you want to setup an automatic monthly payment plan though Paypal usign your credit card or a paypal account, then select that button. If you simply want to pay your order by MasterCard or Visa, etc, pick the 'PayPal Checkout' option. (There is no PayPal e-check option available to debit your bank account, as that takes over 8 days for the money to arrive, instead use Interac e-Transfer (explained below) as it is same day payment. If you pause long enough on that page, the billing system will pick the PayPal Subscribe option for you.

If you run into an issue when making payment, where you get an error about the 'Billing address does not match card' address on your credit card, etc, (and you have entered the address correctly) then you may wish to pay by Interac e-Transfer, as you are unlikely to encounter that error using that method. We do not require that the service address match your credit card address, but sometimes the credit card companies require it to match. That is to help prevent unauthoized use of your card. (If the address you use on the order is not the address where you want the service to be installed, then please tel us that as part of placing the order, or else we will assume that the address you entered on the order is the address where you want the service installed.)

Interac e-transfer

In addition, WRS Web Solutions Inc. is able to receive Interac e-transfers (money transfers). You can find us in your online banking under Interac e-Transfer 'Send Money' (money transfer, not under 'Bill Payment') under the name WRS WEB SOLUTIONS INC (all capital letters, and no period), or by the name email, (but please do not send them to a phone number). (We are setup for automatic deposit if sent to that email address so there is no need for a secret question and answer.) You are actually 'sending' us money to cover the Invoice, rather than 'paying' the invoice, (though we do pay the invoice with the money you send). Once received, we need to manually enter the payments into the billing system. (This can take up to 24 hours, but usually occurs much sooner than that.) If you pay by Interac e-Transfer, please include the word 'Invoice' followed by the Invoice Number in the message area of the e-Transfer.

Do I Need A Modem?

Yes you need a modem. No matter if you order high speed internet from us over a cable TV line or a DSL phone you will need a modem. Usually customers rent or buy a modem from us at the time they place their order. We offer a suitable modem as an 'Addon' to your order at the time you complete the order form, simply tic the 'tic box' on the order form and the modem will be added to the order, and the order cost will re-calculated at that time.

If you choose to rent a modem from us, please be sure to not only keep the original packaging that the modem came in, but please open it carefully so as to not damage the packaging, and keep the packaging, as when you end you service with us, you are required to mail the modem back to us (only by) Canada Post (not in person or by any other means). Please return it by taking it to any Canada Post Office, and ask them to print a return mailing label to place on the parcel (which will also cover the return postage), using Canada Post Return ID Number: PR172480.

If you wish to buy the modem you are renting from us, you may do so at anytime at the regular retail price that we offer it at, at that point in time, plus any applicable sales taxes. Please contact us by email / Help Desk Ticket to discuss.

For those who already own a modem, if it is on our list of acceptable modems and if it has the correct version of firmware (software on it), then you can use your own modem, but you will need to enter the modem details (make, model, serial, machine ID) from the label on the modem, at the time you place the order (we have fields on the form where you can type in that info).

Modem suitability varies by which cable network we are using to deliver our services to you address, if you buy or rent a mien from us it will be suitable. If you place an order with us for high speed internet, you must either buy a modem from us at that time, or provide the serial number, model and the machine ID (mac ID) of your own modem at that time. If you buy a modem from us it will usually arrive by Canada Post Xpresspost in about 5 days from when you pay for it (excluding weekends and Stat holidays). There is a shipping fee on all modems of about $12.95 Sales taxes do apply. It is possible to ship modems to a different address from the service address (for example you are taking possession of a house but the modem will be shipped before the possession date.) In which case please tell us that at the time you place the order.

I Already Own A Modem

If you own the modem you can check our list of suitable modems, or you can ask us to check it for you, but please do so before placing an order. Please note that the 'firmware' (version of the software on the modem) must exactly match what is on our list, it is like buying engine parts for your car, close does not always count. Please note that generally speaking, we do not provide technical support for modems we did not sell.

When are Invoices Generated?

Invoices are generated about every 30 days, for the upcoming 30 day period. Invoices are due the day they are generated, though we do allow a few days grace.

When will my Re-occuring Payment (also sometimes called a PayPal Subscription or Automatic Payment) pay the Invoice?

If you have taken advantage of the option (and it is fully optional) to setup a PayPal re-occuring subscritpion payment, which will usually be for the first day of each 30 day billing period. You will receive e-mail notifications when the payment is made. These re-occuring payments will the continue until either you cancel them or we cancel them (or you ask us to cancel them for you), or until your credit card expires or no longer work when charged.

The option to setup a re-occuring payment is offered when you first signup with us.

Disconnection for Non-payment of Invoice

This is seldom a problem, but here is the info so there are no potential misunderstandings.

When a customer signs up for one of our Internet plans, we are expecting that they will pay their Invoices when due. We reply on people to meet the obligation to pay their Invoices on the due date, as an expectation when obtaining our services. We think it is a reasonable thing to ask. Most customers agree. (If you are a day or so late in making payment, we understand. Life happens.)

We do offer an automatic payment option, which most customers find very convenient. It means that you can make your initial payment when you place the order, then at the same time choose an option to have your future monthly Invoice amounts charged to your MasterCard or Visa each month, or automatically paid from your PayPal account each month. [We use PayPal as our merchant services credit card processor. You do not need to have (or need to open) a PayPal account to pay using MasterCard or Visa.]

If an Invoice is not paid within few days of the due date, we might send one or more reminder emails. They are just that, reminders.

A month later, the system will send an overdue reminder email, which is in addition to the other Invoices. During this time period we will likely have made some efforts to contact the customer. Email is always our preferred means of communication, but if that does not produce results we may have to move on to texts, phone calls, and letters.

It takes time and effort to ‘chase’ someone for payment. We very much dislike having to do it when the situation comes up.

If a customer finds themselves in a bit of a situation and unable to pay the Invoice when due, please contact us by email, and let us know when you plan to make payment. If a customer does not let us know there is a problem or a delay, and does not respond to any of our attempts to contact them, we have to assume that they are avoiding us, and we have to assume that they do not have any plans to pay their Invoice(s).

Please ensure that you have added the email address that our Invoices are sent from to the ‘white list’ or ‘safe senders list’ or ‘contacts list’ in your email system or email account, so that it does not accidentally filter out our emails or mark them as ‘spam’ or put them into your junk or ‘spam’ or some other folder where you might not see them.

If you (or any) customer is having a technical problem with PayPal or our website, in making payment please email us right away and we will try to work through it over the next day or two. Ignoring the potential problem and not paying the Invoice, or not emailing us about it, is not going to help the situation any.

If a customer gets an email from PayPal advising them that there has been a problem with their automatic payment, guess what, we got an email from PayPal as well telling us that the automatic payment has been suspended or cancelled, so we know that the customer was sent one. Likely that email means that your credit card expired, is over its limit, or some similar problem. PayPal does not tell us the details and we do not need to know the details. (We just want to get paid, and preferable on the due date.) Please just ensure that you pay that Invoice, then if you wish to, you can start a new automatic payment come the next billing period.

At some point in time, we may simply decide that the customer is avoiding us, and we might cancel the customer’s service. Waiting until we disconnect your service to reply to us, or contact us, and then acting surprised or upset, is not the best option.

Once we have disconnected the service, we will have to order a reconnection, after payment for past Invoices is received, and we will require another Installation fee, and there will be a delay in getting things working again.

So, if you have a plan to make payment, but you do not share that plan with us, we have to guess. We don’t like it when customers make us guess. Guessing is not always good. Our crystal ball is not so good. We might guess that the customer doesn’t plan to pay, and disconnect the service. Please do not make us guess. Please pay Invoices on their due dates, and if there is a problem in not being able to pay the Invoice or in the payment method, or some sort of technical problem, etc, please contact us right away by email (don’t wait), maybe we can figure out something. We like to think that we are very reasonable, but at the same time please note that 'we have been around the block' so please be completely honest with us.

What is Your Mailing Address?

WRS Web Solutions Inc., mailing address (except for modem returns) is:

WRS Web Solutions Inc.
18 King Street East, Suite 1400
Toronto, ON
M5C 1C4

Do you provide Help in English & French?

You are certainly welcome to contact our Sales or General Help Desks in either the English of the French language. We will do our best to reply in the same language that the question was written in. We also offer a Technical Support phone number (English and French), which is only for use by existing Internet customers (in Canada), who need technical support with their Internet connection or modem (but not for questions regarding other topics or other services, and not for sales or address serviceability questions). Please see our Support page for those links and the phone numbers.

Offrez-vous assistance en français?

Oui. Notre Base de Connaissances peut avoir les réponses que vous recherchez. Vous êtes certainement le bienvenu à nous contacter en français pour poser des questions ou de demander de l'assistance général. Nous ferons de notre mieux pour répondre dans la langue française. Nous proposons également un numéro de téléphone de support technique (anglais et français), qui n'est utilisé que par des clients Internet existants (au Canada), qui ont besoin d'un support technique avec leur connexion Internet ou modem (mais pas d'autres sujets). Consultez notre page de Soutien pour ces liens et numéros de téléphone et pour savoir comment contacter le Help Desk.

Do you have more than one website?

Yes, we actually do have more than one website. Our websites include (but are not limited to):

Additional Information

If you did not find the answer to your question above, then you might wish to read our Support page, as it has additional information which may answer your question.


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