Frequently asked questions, FAQs. We also have a Knowledgebase which contains other information which may assist you or be of interest. Please check the Knowledgebase before opening a Help Desk Ticket, as the answers you are seeking may already be there.

What is your phone number?

We made a business decision not to put our phone number on this website. The reason for that is because we want any customer inquires or requests for help, etc, to go though our online Help Desk ticket system, located on this website. So, e-mailing us and saying 'phone me' or 'what is your phone number', will most likely result in a reply saying that we would prefer that you use this online Help desk ticket system. Normally we don't phone you. Please just ask the question or state the problem or concern and we will do our best to reply to you within 24 hours / 7 days a week.

Are their Contracts or Terms or Disconnect Fees?


Do you have a Postal Code lookup?

We do not have a Postal Code lookup that is available to the customers. The cable companies which own the lines we use, have not shared that database with us, so we are not able to make a copy of the database(s) available to you in that way. We are able to do a manual Postal Code lookup at the Help Desk. Open a Help Desk ticket, give us your Postal Code, and ideally your address, and we will check the Postal Code, and get back to you within 24 hours.Even passing a Postal Code check is not a guarantee of service availability but it is the best we are able to do short of you placing an order for service. If you order serve and we find out that it is not available at your address we will refund your money. As a general rule of thumb if you already have cable high speed internet services in Ontario with either Rogers or Cogeco, then we would be able to provide services at your address, and if your address is not serviceable by either Rogers or Cogeco then it is not serviceable by us either, no sense even asking as we pay to use their cable lines. Neither company has cable lines in Ontario north of North Bay, ON.

Are you owned by the Cable or Phone Companies?

No we are not. We are a privately owned company. Veteran owned and 100% Canadian owned. Federally incorporated, 1 May 2010, and resident in Ontario.

Do you Provide Home Phone or VoIP Phone or Calling Card Services

Yes we do, in many parts of both Canada and the USA, but not from this website. You would need to see our www.wrswebsolutions.com website, and as a note that website operates in US dollars. That website uses a separate customer information, management, and billing system from this website.

Can I use my own Modem or do I have to buy one?

You may use your own modem, as long as it is on our list of suitable modems. Modem suitability varys by which cable network we are using to deliver our services to you address. On the Home page click on the place name, of where you live. It will tel you what modems are suitable. If you place an order with us for high speed internet, you must either buy a modem from us at that time, or provide the serial number, model and the machine ID (mac ID) of your own modem at that time.If you buy a modem from us it will usually arrive by Canada Post Xpresspost in about 5 days from when you pay for it (excluding weekends and Stat holidays). There is a shipping fee on all modems of about $11. Sales taxes do apply. It is possible to ship modems to a different address from the service address (for exmple you are taking possession of a house but the modem will be shipped before the possession date.) In which case please tell us that at the time you place the order.

I have a stolen modem, or I bought a stolen modem off the internet. Can I use it?

If the modem you wish to use was reported stolen by a cable company or other provider, when we go to enter it into our system we will see that, and the modem will not be authorized for use in the system. In addition the matter may be reported to the appropriate authorities, so that the modem can be recovered, etc.

How Long Does It Take To Get Installed

If it is a new Installation, then it will take about a week. If it is a transfer of an existing active cable high speed internet connection, if might only take a few days, depending on which company it is coming from and how cooperative they are.

Why do I have to pay when I place my order?

To prevent fraud, we require that customer orders be paid in full when they are placed. (After all we are not going to ship out an expensive modem to someone in hopes they might pay for it, otherwise we might suddenly find ourselves shipping our rather a lot of modems.) The costs you will pay at that time will be the pro-rates cost of the monthly service (i.e. from that date until the end of the month), plus the cost of the modem (if buying one), the modem shipping fee of about $11, the onetime fee of about $69 (for Installation or Activation or Transfer), and applicable sales taxes on it all.

Please note that we are billing from date of order not date of Installation or Activation or Transfer, but to be kind we normally grand a manual credit for those dates between the order date and the Installation or Activation or Transfer date, to those customers who (after that date) request it by e-mail / Help Desk Ticket. That credit is then applied to a future invoice in our system. Note if you have signed up for a PayPal Subscription, PayPal may not know about the credit. Our system and PayPal do speak to each other, but that sort of manual credit is not part of the info they share. You may end up having to go into PayPal and cancel your subscription, then pay your Invoice(s) on a one time basis, until the credit is used up and the amount of the monthly Invoices matches what the PayPal subscription would be, then create a new PayPal subscription.

When are Invoices Generated?

On the last day of the month, and are due on the next day, beginning the first day or the month, or soon afterwards. We are a pay in advance service, but do provide a few days grace period.

When will my PayPal Subscription pay the Invoice?

About 7 pm or so on the first day of each month. You will receive e-mail notifications when the payment is made.

Can I be rude to or bully the Help Desk Staff?

Short answer is no. We can appreciate that people sometimes have a bad day, or get frustrated, or did not properly take into account the time lines for ordering cable high speed internet, but we would ask that you please be polite to the Help Desk staff. Trying to 'bully' them into making things work faster than than do, and demanding 'action', and such are really not appreciated. We do pass information to the customers as we get it, regarding the modem shipment, and Installer appointments, etc. We try to answer most any question as quickly as we can as best we can, and we try to be polite at the same time, even if you appear to have been having a bad day. The Help Desk Staff are people too, and they are trying their best to help you, so please don't take things out on them, especially if they did not do anything wrong. They only have control over so much of the process, and can only get info so fast. Other players are involved as well, and not everyone is in the same physical place or keeping the same work hours. So please be patient and polite, and we will all get along just fine! (Remember is you want Internet installed on date X, then be sure to place [and pay for] your order at least 7 days prior to that date, if not more, simple as that!)

Do you provide Help Desk Support in French? / Offrez-vous assistance en français?

You are certainly welcome to contact our Help Desk in the french langauge. We will do our best to reply in the french language. Vous êtes certainement le bienvenu à nous contacter en français pour poser des questions ou de demander de l'assistance. Nous ferons de notre mieux pour répondre dans la langue française.


For answers to other questions and general information, please also see our Knowledgebase, before contacting the Help Desk. The answers you seek may be in the Knowledgebase.