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High Speed Internet Services Providers

High Speed Internet Service Providers of home internet plans. We are an Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, & Manitoba cable high speed internet service provider. We are also Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, Newfoundland & Labrador DSL internet service providers.

Internet Providers

Internet plan availability, plan speeds, and plan prices often vary by place, and might not be available at all addresses. Please click on your province (below), then the community in that province, to see our internet plan prices in your area. If you wish, (before placing an order) you may also ask us to check your address for internet plan availability and we would then reply to you by email within 24 hours (usually much sooner than that) with the availability of our internet plans for your address, (no obligation to buy, no sales pressure, no sales people will call you, no marketing emails, and we won't sell your info).

Alberta BC Manitoba Nova Scotia New Brunswick Newfoundland & Labrador Ontario PEI Quebec Saskatchewan

(Our Internet plans are not yet available in Nunavut, NWT, or Yukon.)

High Speed Internet Services Providers of home internet plans in many Canadian cities and towns, for example Toronto and the GTA, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, or Winnipeg to name just a few. We are an internet service provider in many other places as well. Some are large places and some are rural addresses. Our high speed internet plan prices might even be less than you are used to paying with your current internet service provider. No term contracts. No high pressure sales.

High Speed Internet Service Provider

High Speed Internet Service Provider. Great prices. Good service. No contracts. High speed internet Cable internet or high speed internet DSL internet options may be available. One of the best high speed internet service providers. Internet plans and prices vary by place and network used to deliver them over. So why not pick us as your high speed internet service provider?

Cheap Internet

Cheap internet at good prices. Switch internet from your current cable company internet service provider today. Modem rental or purchase is usually necessary as part of placing your high speed internet plan order through the website.

Best Internet Provider

Best Internet Provider. Best internet prices for residents. Usually delivered over rented cable lines by WRS Web Solutions Inc. Compare prices and consider a switch from your existing high speed internet cable internet to WRS Web Solutions Inc. internet service provider. Full order payment usually required at time of ordering. Not a mobile wireless internet service provider. High speed internet DSL internet plans might be available if high speed internet cable internet plans are not. High speed internet plans do not include a Home Phone or cable TV channels.

Internet Plans

Internet Providers offering internet plans for many Provinces in Canada. Please click on your province (above) to see if we offer high speed internet plans at your place name, or better yet, ask us to check your address for avaialbility of our high speed internet plans. Good prices!

Find Internet

Find internet in Canada. Compare high speed internet plans availbility for internet in my area. We can check for you, just ask us.

Cable Internet Plans

Our high speed internet cable internet plans are well very priced. High speed internet cable internet plans from WRS Web Solutions Inc. are available in a great many places in Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec over Shaw, Rogers, Cogeco and Videotron cable TV lines. (They are not yet available over Eastlink cable TV lines, or over Access Communications cable TV lines, or over cable TV lines in the Atlantic provinces, or over Videotron cable TV lines in Ontario.) Why pay more?

DSL Internet Plans

Our high speed internet DSL internet plans are often an excellent alternative at addresses where high speed internet cable internet plans are not available. High speed internet DSL internet plans are delivered by WRS Web Solutions Inc. over Bell and Telus phone lines (where DSL internet capable) and available for our use. High speed internet DSL internet plans are not available on all phone lines, as not all phone lines are DSL high speed internet capable. (Please note that if the phone company says DSL internet is not available for your address, then we would not be able to provide it either.) DSL high speed internet speeds available vary by address.

Internet Availability in My Area

Internet availability in my area. Click your province (above), then the name of the place you live in. That will give you a good idea of the high speed internet plans and prices in your area. We are an high speed internet service provider with a large service area. High speed internet cable internet is delivered over coax cable TV lines (excluding satellite dishes). DSL high speed internet internet is delivered over phone lines where they are DSL capable. Internet plan speeds are 'up to' and are not guaranteed.

If you currently have (or had, or you know that the previous resident had,) high speed cable internet, or cable TV (excluding satellite dishes) at the address:

then we should be able to provide cable high speed internet service at your address. It is OK to go ahead and place (and pay for) a coax cable high speed internet plan order. Our plans do not include cable TV channels. If you have questions please ask them before ordering. 😀

If you currently have (or had, or the pervious resident had) a traditional home phone (copper wire phone line, not VoIP), with Bell in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI or Newfound & Labrador (or Telus in Alberta or BC) then maybe we can provide you with DSL high speed internet. (We are not yet able to offer DSL internet plans in Manitoba or Saskatchewan.) (DSL business customers usually have to pay $5 extra per month.) If you do not have an active phone line, then you will usually need to order a 'dry loop' (data line) with your DSL internet order, which is an additional cost.

Ordering Internet Plans

High speed internet plan orders must be placed through the website, (not by phone). High speed internet plan orders must be paid for at the time that they are placed (or soon afterwards), as we are not able to process unpaid orders. Our billing system works on a calendar month basis, with the exception of the initial invoice. The monthly plan portion on the initial invoice is prorated by the number of days remaining in the calendar month. Future invoices would then be sent out by email on the first day of each calendar month, for that new month, with payment requested for that day (or soon after). We accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal Accounts, and Interac e-Transfer. We also use PayPal to process our Visa and MasterCard transactions on our behalf. (We do not accept E-Checks through PayPal.)

If you have a Home phone or cable TV with an existing high speed internet service provider, and you wish to keep either or both, please indicate that when asked in the ordering process. (We do not offer cable TV, or copper wire home phone service), but we are a hogh speed internet service provider who offers great internet plans over cable TV lines and DSL lines.

If you have questions, please ask them before placing an order. If you are not sure that the internet plan you wish to order is available at your address, then please ask us to check availability of internet plans at my address before you place an orderfor a high speed internet plan.


As a high speed internet service provider, our high speed internet plans are invoiced by email on the 1st day of each calander month (in advance) for that month. Please ensure that you add our safe email address to your safe senders list (it is a picture so you will need to type it into your list), so that our invoices and ticket replies do not accidently end up in your junk mail folders (or worse). Most of our high speed internet plans we promote on our website are 'unlimited', so they do not have overage fees. (For those high speed internet plans which are not 'unlimited' then a $2 (or $3) per GB overage charge usually applies, usually billed at the beginning of the following month.)

If you are using Netflix, you should set your streaming settings to the lowest setting for each 'watch as' person you have set up in Netflix. Most people do not notice any difference in picture quality. For 'Kids' accounts you need to make regular accounts to be able to change the setting, then change them back to 'Kids' accounts. Otherwise Netflix uses the highest settings, which will use a lot more of your bandwidth than you may realize and may lead to overage charges (if you plan is not 'unlimited', and most of the plans we market now are 'unlimited'). At any time you may Contact Us to ask where you sit in terms of your bandwidth usage. Ask as often as you need to.

Internet Modems

A modem is required. Modem requirements vary by province and network. We often rent modems from about $15.95 and we also sell them, and you will have the chance to buy one as part of the high speed internet plan ordering process. We want to be your high speed internet service provider. We have very little markup on the modems that we sell, and if you buy a modem from us you know it will work with our plans, (if you buy one from someone else, it might not).

Some modems are wireless and some are not, please (if you are buying or renting one) pay close attention so that you buy (or rent) the type you intended. You can rent or buy one from us when you place an order, (or your can provide your own if it is an exact match to one on our list of suitable modems, for that network, and plan speed, in which case we will require the modem details when you place your order).

Modems are not shipped on the weekends or on holidays (as Canada Post does not pickup on those days). Modems are shipped from the warehouse in Ontario, by Canada Post Xpresspost. Delivery usually only takes three days to addresses in Ontario and Quebec. (Add another day or two for delivery to other provinces.) Modems can be tracked online using the Canada Post tracking ID. If we did not give you that number by email, and you want to know it, please email us. We do not stock modems at our offices, only in the warehouse. (In the event of Postal strikes we use courier companies.) There is a shipping fee of $12.95 on all modems (sold or rented).

As a high speed internet service provider, we have several service areas, which use different physical networks, thus there is a different list of modems for acceptable use on each network, as well speeds and plans vary by network and by province. High speed internet plans, prices, etc, vary by place name. If providing your own modem, you need to give us the model, serial number and mac Id at the time you place your order, or buy one from us. (We do not determine which modems are on which list, we do not make the list, and we cannot change it.)

Internet Installation Date

We are not able to give you a firm installation appointment when you place (and pay for) your high speed internet plan order. The reason for this, is that we do not own the lines / networks that we deliver our internet plans over. Rather, we 'rent' them as and when needed, under a complex arrangement which is overseen by the CRTC. (We won't put you to sleep with those technical details.) In most cases we 'contract out' the installation work to the cable company or phone company installers (or their sub-contractors). Once you place your order with us, we have to contact the cable company or the phone company, and ask them for an installation date (from their installers on our behalf). It usually takes them a day or two to get back to us, sometimes longer. Then we will email you that appointment date and time slot. Rural appointments are often 'all day', with no specific time slot, meaning they will usually arrive between 8 am and 5 pm, but it could even be outside those hours. Most installations occur in about 5 to 7 days (or so) from the date the that high speed internet plan order is placed. Installation can occur even if the modem has not yet arrived, as the installer has a similar device he can test the line and signal strength with.

The Installers will usually (but not always) call before coming over. The phone number you provide when you place your high speed internet plan order, is the phone number we will give to them. (Mobile / cell phone numbers are fine.) If they do not get an answer when they call, then they might assume that nobody is home, and not come. Please be sure to answer any such call. Usually someone (18 or older) needs to be home for the Install, unless we specifically tell you otherwise by email. If the appointment time has come and gone and the installer did not call or come by, then please connect the modem and see if there is internet service, as it is possible that he did the work remotely (but did not tell anyone).

Internet Plan Refunds

If for any reason we are not able to provide the high speed internet plan(s) at your address, we will refund your money. We are very reasonable about refunds. We are also very prompt in making refunds, when they are needed.

No Sales Call Centre

We do not operate a Sales Call Centre. (We also do not do telemarketing.) While we do have a phone number (it is not listed on this page), we would much prefer that you email our team your pre-sales questions, rather than call us. We do not normally call customers, (or people with sales questions). We do operate a Sales Help Desk, which uses a contact form, mostly for use by those people who want to know if our internet plans are available at their address. This is also the best place to ask pre-sales questions, or any follow on billing, modem shipment tracking number, or installation appointment questions. If you need to reach us (except for modem and connection technical support), that is the best way to contact us.

Replies will come to you by e-mail. (We would prefer that you did not email us, asking us to call you.) We usually reply to all tickets within 24 hours, 7 days a week (but most of the time our answers are much faster than that!) This provides you (and us) with a complete record of all questions, problems, answers and solutions, etc.

Modem & Connections - Technical Support

Most of the time, if your internet stops working, if you power off the modem and everything connected to it, wait five minutes or so, then power it all back on, this will fix the problem. If not, then often the problem is the local cable company working on the lines on the street (or nearby), and things will be back normal in about 30 minutes. (You may still need to power off and restart the modem.) In not, then call the number below.

If after your modem has arrived (usually by Canada Post Xpresspost), or you have picked it up at the local Post Office, (if they missed you, and left a Canada Post parcel pickup card for you to pick the modem up with), and after your internet has been installed/activated/transferred (as applicable), you then run into any problems with the modem or the internet connection itself, (or you have technical questions regarding the modem or modem setup) then you may call our modems and connections technical support people at 844-229-0868 (but this number is only for use by our existing customers, and only for modem or connection issues). The number is not 24/7, but they are available a lot of the time. Service is usually available in English and French.

Please do not call them with sales questions, billing questions, or questions on other topics, as they will not be able to answer them, and they will not be able to transfer you to anyone who can, and they do not take messages for other people. They do not have access to sales or billing information. Please note that we do not sell routers, and we do not provide tech support for customer provided routers. We are not able to upgrade software (firmware versions) on modems which we did not sell (or rent).

WRS Web Solutions Inc.

WRS Web Solutions Inc. is registered with the CRTC as an internet service provider. We have been in business since 1 May 2010. We are a Canadian owned company, based in Canada, offering internet plans in all provinces, (but not yet to Yukon, NWT, or Nunavut). Please consider us for your home high speed internet and small business high speed internet needs. We offer a variety of both coax cable high speed internet plans, and DSL high speed internet plans. Good prices from good people. (We are not currently offering VoIP Home phone plans, or TV channels.) Applicable sales taxes will be charged on all orders by Canadian residents, based on province of residence.

We are also a website hosting company, in case you have any website hosting (or related) needs. We also offer a website builder, etc. Web hosting plans are not limited to just Canadian residents, but they are not being offered to Province of Quebec residents, (as while they tend to be multilingual, not all aspects of those web hosting services are necessarily able to fully meet the Charter of the French Langauge 'Quebec language law' requirements).

If your business needs help finding good prices on American business internet plans and/or Amercian business phone plans for its American operations, please see our www.wrswebsolutions.com website. We just might be able to help.

Please read our riveting Cancellation, Refund, Acceptable Use, Privacy, Terms & Conditions, and other policies links below, and in our Knowledgebase. It is almost guaranteed to help you get to sleep at night! Before opening a Help Desk Ticket please check the Knowledgebase for an answer to your question. Our Support page includes a phone number for existing high speed internet plan customers to use to get help with modem and internet connection issues (but not for sales, or other matters).