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Ontario High Speed Internet Service Area

WRS Web Solutions Inc. is an Ontario high speed internet service provider which does not own any cable TV lines of our own. We do not own any phone lines of our own. Instead (through an arrangement we have) we use Shaw cable TV lines, Cogeco cable TV lines (where 'internet capable') and Rogers (coax cable TV) lines, and Bell DSL capable phone lines. (If you live at an address where you already know that none of those options are available, then it is unlikely that we would be able to service your address with home internet.) We do not use cell phone or mobile phone types of 'wireless internet'. We do not use 'satellite dishes' or 'point to point' towers or dishes.

If you live in Ontario, and you are able to get Rogers coax cable internet, Cogeco cable internet, or Shaw cable internet, then you should be able to get our cable internet, or switch to our cable internet (unless you are locked into a term contract). Much the same applies if you are able to get Bell DSL internet. Below is a list of the places in Ontario where we think we can likely provide internet service, though we might not be able to service every address in each place. Click on your place name below to see which plans we might be able to offer, or click here to fill out a form with your complete street address, so that we can check the computer systems and reply to you by email within 24 hours with the results of which plans are available at your address.

You will likely need to buy (or rent) a modem from us, as part of placing an order with us. Orders also have to be paid for in full at the time that they are placed. We accept Visa, MasterCard or PayPal account. We use PayPal to process our Visa and MasterCard payment (no PayPal account is required). (Orders which are placed without making payment are not processed.) Billing usually starts from date of order, not date of installation. Future invoices are sent by email on the first day of each month, with payment requested on that date.

10th Line Shore Aberdeen Acanthus Actons Corners Adamsdale Agerton Agincourt Agincourt North Ailsa Craig Ajax Albert Albion Albion Falls Albury Aldborough Aldershot Alderslea Alderwood Alexandria Algo Algoma Mills Allanburg Allen's Corners Allensville Allenwood Allenwood Beach Allimil Alliston Alloa Almira Almonte Alport Alsops Beach Alta Vista Alton Altona Alva Ambassador Beach Amherstburg Amherstview Amigari Downs Amigo Beach Ancaster Ancaster Heights Ancona Point Anderson Lake Anderson Lake Station Angus Annable Settlement Annex Ansnorveldt Anson Antrim Appleby Applewood Acres Applewood Heights Applewood Hills Arbeatha Park Ardmore Beach Ardtrea Arkell Arlington Woods Armadale Armbro Heights Armour Heights Arnprior Arthur Arva Ascalon Ashburn Ashburnham Ashdale Ashgrove Ashton Station Assumption Atherley Atherton Atikokan Atironto Atkinson Atwood Auburn Mills Auden Park Audley Aurora Austin Avalon Park Avening Aylesworth Ayr Azilda Baby Point Baden Badenoch Badger's Corners Bailey Corners Bairds Bala Bala Park Bala Road Balfour Beach Ballantrae Ballinafad Ballydown Beach Ballymote Balm Beach Balmertown Balmoral Park Balmy Beach Balsam Grove Baltimore Bamberg Banks Barber's Beach Barnesdale Barrhaven Barrhead Barrie Barriefield Barrillia Park Barrydowne Barryvale Bartonville Bass Lake Park Basse-ville Batawa Bath Bathurst Batteaux Bay Beach Bayridge Bayshore Bayshore Estates Bayside Baysville Bayview Bayview Beach Bayview Point Bayview Village Baywood Park Beachburg Beachville Beacon Heights Beacon Hill North Beacon Hill South Beaconwood Beamsville Bear Pass Bear Point Bearbrook Beaucage Beaumonde Heights Beaver Dams Beaverdale Beaverton Becketts Creek Becketts Landing Bedell Bedford Park Beeton Bel Air Heights Bel Air Park Belanger Belcreft Beach Belford Belfountain Belgrave Bell Ewart Bell Grove Belle Air Beach Belle River Belleville Bellevue Bellrock Bells Corners Bells Corners Station Bells Junction Belmont Belmore Benallen Bendale Benmiller Bennington Heights Benoit Berkeley Berkshire Village Berlett's Corners Berrys Bethesda Bethune Bush Beverley Acres Beverley Hills Beverley Isles Big Bay Point Big Cedar Point Billings Bridge Binbrook Binkham Birch Cliff Birch Haven Birch Point Birchmount Park Birchwood Bishopsgate Black Creek Black Horse Black Horse Corner Black Road Blackburn Blackburn Hamlet Blackheath Blackwater Blackwater Junction Blackwell Blair Blairton Station Blakeney Blanche Blenheim Blenheim Junction Blezard Valley Blind River Blink Bonnie Bloomfield Bloomingdale Bloomington Bloomsburg Bloordale Gardens Blossom Park Blue Church Blue Mountain Blue Springs Blue Water Beach Bluevale Bluevale Siding Bluewater Beach Bobcaygeon Bogarttown Bolton Bon Secours Beach Bond Head Bond's Corners Boninville Bonnie Beach Booth Borden Borden Farm Boston Mills Botany Bothwell Bothwell Station Bothwell's Corner Boucks Hill Bourget Bowers Beach Bowesville Bowmanville Box Grove Boyne Bracebridge Bradburn Subdivision Bradens Bay Bradford Bradford West Gwillimbury Bradley Braeheid Survey Braemar Park Bramalea Bramalea Woods Bramley Brampton Branchton Brant Hills Brantford Braund Port Brechin Beach Brechin East Brechin Point Breezy's Corners Bremner Brennan Harbour Breslau Briargreen Briars Park Bridgenorth Bridgeport Bridgeview Bridgeview Survey Bridlewood Bright Brighton Brighton Beach Brights Grove Brignall Brimstone Brisbane Brisson Britannia Bay Britannia Heights Britannia Road Broadview Gardens Brock Gardens Brock Road Brockley Brocks Beach Brocksden Brockville Bronson Bronte Bronte Station Brooke Brooklin Brougham Broughdale Brown House Corner Brown's Corners Browns Corners Bruce Farm Bruces Brumsfield Buckley Buda Buena Vista Park Buffalo Heights Bullock Bullocks Corners Bunessan Bunyan Burford Burlington Burlington Beach Burnhamthorpe Bushnell Butler Butternut Bay Buttonville Byersville Byng Byron Cabbagetown Cache Bay Cachet Cainsville Calabogie Calamity Corners Caledon Village Caledonia Callander Calvin Park Camborne Cambrian Heights Cambridge Cambridge Forest Estates Camden East Camelot Beach Camerons Point Camlachie Camp Acouchiching Campbell Maxwell Front Campbellford Campbells Cross Campbellville Campden Camperdown Canaan Canal Cankerville Cannifton Canning Cannington Capreol Caradoc Cardinal Heights Cargill Cargill Siding Carleton Heights Carleton Place Carleton Square Carlington Carlingwood Carlsbad Springs Carlton Park Carol Richard Park Caroline Village Carp Carrville Carrying Place Carson Grove Carsonby Carters Corners Carthew Bay Cashel Cashtown Corners Casselman Castle Glen Estates Castle Green Castle Heights Castlederg Castlemore Caswell's Beach Cataract Cataraqui Cawaja Beach Cayuga Cedar Bay Cedar Beach Cedar Dale Cedar Glen Cedar Grove Cedar Harbour Cedar Heights Cedar Mills Cedar Mount Cedar Shores Cedarhurst Beach Cedarhurst Park Cedarmont Beach Cedarvale Centennial Central Park Central Patricia Centralia Centre-ville Centrepointe Centretown Centreville Centurion Ceylon Chalk River Champlain Park Chantler Charnwood Chatham Chatham-Kent Chats Haven Chedoke Park Cheeseborough Chelmsford Chelsea Green Cheltenham Chemong Heights Chemong Park Cheney Chepstow Cherry Heights Cherry Lane Estates Cherrywood Cherrywood Acres Cherrywood Station Chesley Chesterfield Chesterville Chestnut Hills Chippawa Chippawa Hill Chippewa Christie Beach Christies Corner Chudleigh Churchill Heights Churchville Chute-a-Blondeau City View Claireville Clairlea Clappison's Corners Clara Belle Claraday Clardon Beach Claremont Clarence Clarence-Rockland Clarington Clarkes Hollow Clarks Corners Clarksburg Clarksdale Clarkson Claude Clay Valley Cleardale Clearview Estates Clearview Heights Cliffcrest Cliffside Clifton Clinton Cloverdale Clyde Cobden Cobourg Cochenour Colborne Colchester Coldwater Colebrook Colemans Coleraine Colgan Colinville Collingwood Collins Bay Collison Heights Columbus Colwell Community Beach Concord Concord Point Conestogo Confederation Heights Coniston Connaught Shore Consecon Convent Glen Cookstown Cooksville Cootes Paradise Copeland Park Copper Cliff Coppin's Corners Corbyville Corktown Cornell Cornwall Cornwall Centre Cornwall Island Coronation Gardens Coronation Park Corunna Corwhin Corwin Crescent Cotieville Cotnam Island Coulterville Country Hills Country Place County of Brant Courtice Courtland Courtland Park Courtright Coventry Coverdale Cowan's Bay Coyle Craig Henry Craigleith Craigmawr Beach Cranbrook Crawford Crawford's Grove Crediton Creemore Creighton Creighton Heights Crescent Beach Crescent Harbour Crescent Park Crescent Town Crestview Crewsons Corners Crowe Bridge Crowland Crown Hill Crumlin Crystal Bay Crystal Beach Cumberland Cumberland Beach Cundles Cunningham's Corners Curries Curve Lake Cyrville Cete-de-Sable Dagmar Dahlia Dain City Dale Dalmeny Dana Dancaster Courts Dance Danforth Station Darling Darlington Davidsons Beach Davisville Daytonia Beach De Grassi Point Deanlea Beach DeCew Falls Decewsville Deckers Hill Deep River Deer Park Delaware Delaware West Delhi Delmer Deloro Delrex Derland Derry West Derwent Deseronto Devonshire Dexter Dickson Hill Dicksons Corners Dixie Dockmure Dogs Nest Doherty Don Lita Don Mills Don Vale Donwood Doon Dorchester Dorset Park Douglastown Dover Heights Dowling Downers Corners Downeys Downsview Dresden Drummond Heights Drumquin Dryden Dublin Duclos Point Dudley Duff's Corners Duffy Dunbarton Dunchurch Dundalk Dundas Dunkerron Dunn's Corner Dunnville Dunrobin Durham Dutton Dynes Eads Bush Eady Eagle Eagle Place Eaglesons Corners Eamers Corners East Colborne East Creighton East Gwillimbury East Harrow East Korah East Linton East Oakland East Preston East Windsor East York Eastbourne Eastside Eastview Eastway Gardens Eastwood Eatonville Echo Place Eden Eden Grove Eden Mills Edgeley Edgewater Beach Edmison Heights Edmore Beach Edwards Effingham Eight Mile Point Elba Elco Beach Elder Mills Elder Station Eldorado Park Electric Elfrida Elgin Mills Elimere Point Elizabeth Elizabeth Gardens Elizabeth Park Ellesmere Elliot Lake Elliott Ellwood Elmbrook Elmdale Elmgrove Elmhurst Beach Elmira Elmstead Elmvale Elmvale Acres Elmview Elmwood Elora Embrun Emery Emeryville Ennisclare Park Enniskerry Enniskillen Ennismore Enterprise Epsom Erbsville Erie Erie Rest Erin Erin Mills Erindale Erindale Woodlands Eringate Ernestown Errol Espanola Essa Essex Ethel Ethel Park Ethel Siding Etobicoke Eton Court Etonia Ettrick Eugenia Evans Corner Everett Eversley Exeter Facer Fair Valley Fairbairn Meadows Fairbank Faircrest Fairfield Heights Fairhaven Fairholme Park Fairmont Fairmount Fairplay Fairport Beach Falconbridge Falding Falgarwood Falkenburg Station Fallowfield Fallowfield Station Falls View Fanshawe Farlain Lake Farnham Fawcettville Fawn Bay Federal Fee's Landing Feeder Fell Fenelon Falls Fennell Fenwick Fergus Fergus Hill Estate Fesserton Ficko Fielding Fife's Bay Filey Beach Finchley Fingal Firth's Corners Fisher Glen Fisher Heights Fisher Mills Fisher Park Five Corners Flamboro Flamboro Centre Flamborough Flanders Heights Flemingdon Park Flesherton Flesherton Station Flett Flood's Landing Floradale Floral Park Flour Mill Fonthill Forbes Fordwich Forest Estates Forest Glade Forest Heights Forest Hill Forest Hills Forest Home Forest Park Forestville Forks of the Credit Fort Creek Fort Erie Fort Erie Beach Fort Erie North Fort Erie West Fort Frances Fort Henry Heights Forward Foster Farm Fountain Beach Fourth Line Fowlers Corners Foxboro Foxmead Frankford Franklin Beach Fraser Frasers Corners Freelton Freeman Freeport French Bay French Hill Fridays Frome Frood Mine Froomfield Fruitland Galt Gamsby Gananoque Garafraxa Woods Garden Village Garners Corners Garryowen Garson Garson Junction Gasline Gatchell Gateway Gaud Corners Geco Geneva Park George Georgetown Georgian Beach Georgian Heights Georgian Highlands Georgina Georgina Beach German Mills Gerrow's Beach Gilford Gilford Beach Gill Glabar Park Glanford Station Glasgow Glen Agar Glen Cairn Woods Glen Gordon Glen Grove Glen Leven Glen Major Glen Miller Glen Morris Glen Ross Glen Walter Glen Williams Glencoe Glendale Glenelg Centre Glenhaven Beach Glenora Glenorchy Glenrest Beach Glenridge Glenview Heights Glenville Glenwood Beach Glenwood Heights Glenwood Park Gloucester Gloucester Glen Gobles Goderich Golden City Goldpines Goldsmith Golf Side Gardens Goodfellow Beach Goodwood Gore Bay Gorewood Acres Gormley Gorrie Gosport Goulds Government Park Government Road Gowanstown Graham Park Grahamsville Grand Sudbury Grandview Beach Grandview Gardens Granger Graniteville Grantham Grassie Grassmere Gravel Gravenhurst Gray's Beach Grays Bay Greater Napanee Greater Sudbury Greely Green Green Lane Green River Green Valley Greenboro Greenhurst-Thurstonia Greenly's Corners Greenock Greenside Acres Greensville Greenwood Gregory Grenfell Grenfell Glen Grenville Park Gretna Griersville Griff Griffis Corners Grimmonds Beach Grimsby Grimsby Beach Grimsby Centre GTA Guaytown Guelph Guelph Junction Guildwood Estates Guildwood Village Guilletville Guthrie Habermehl Hagerman's Corners Hagersville Hagey Hagles Corners Halfway House Corner Hall Hallecks Halloway Hallowell Halston Halton Hills Hamilton Hamilton Beach Hamilton Corner Hamilton Heights Hamiltonsfield Hammond Hampelsfield Hampton Hampton Heights Hampton Park Hanlan Hanmer Hannon Happy Valley Happyland Hardrock Townsite Harmony Hall II Harper Corners Harriston Harriston Junction Harrow Harrowsmith Harry's Corner Hartington Harvey Harwood Plains Hastings Hawkesbury Hawkestone Hawkestone Beach Hawkesville Hawkins Corners Hawthorne Hawthorne Meadows Hay Hay's Shore Hayes Corners Hayesland Hazeldean Headford Healey Falls Healey's Heath Hearts Desire Heidelberg Helen Junction Hematite Henderson Place Hendrie Henley Henry Farm Hensall Hepworth Herbert Corners Heritage Park Heron Gate Heron Park Hespeler Heyden Hiam Hiawatha Park Hidden Valley High Gate Park High Park Highfield Highland Beach Highland Creek Highland Park Highland Park Survey Highland Point Highview Survey Hilda Hillcrest Hillcrest Village Hillendale Hillsburgh Hillside Hintonburg Hodgson Hogarth Hogg Hogs Back Holiday Harbour Holland Holly Holmedale Holmes Point Holmesville Holmur Holt Holton Heights Homer Honey's Beach Honeygables Honeywell Corners Hope Hopkins Corners Hopkins Court Hopkins Survey Hornby Hornby Station Horne Hornell Heights Horseshoe Lake Howes Corners Huckson Corners Huff's Corners Hugel Hull Humber Humber Bay Humber Grove Humber Summit Humber Valley Humberlea Humberside Humberstone Humphrey Hunt Club Hunt Club Park Huntley Huntsville Hurdman's Bridge Huron Heights Huron Park Huron Ridge Hutchisons Corners Hutton Heights Huttonville Hyde Park Hydro Ilderton Inch Park Indian Landing Indian Point Indianola Beach Ingersoll Ingleside Inglewood Innerkip Innes Park Innisfil Innisfil Park Invererie Heights Inverhuron Ionview Irish Lake Iron Bridge Iroquois Isbester Island Grove Island View Beach Islington Ivy Jackson Jackson Heights Jacksons Point Jacobs Jamesville Janetville Jarvis Jasper Jefferson Jelly Jersey Jessups Falls Jevins Jockvale Johnston Corners Johnstown Jonesville Jordan Jordan Harbour Jordan Station Judge Jumbo Gardens Jura Kanata Kars Kawa Kawartha Heights Keelesdale Keenansville Keewatin Kellers Kelly Kempark Kemptville Keneden Park Kenhill Beach Kenmore Kennedy Acres Kennedy Park Kenora Kenrei Park Kensal Park Kenson Park Kenstone Beach Kent Kent Centre Kent Gardens Keswick Keswick Beach Kettleby Kilbride Killarney Beach Killean Kilty Switch Kilworth Kimberley Kimberley Park Kincardine King King City King Pitt King's Forest Kinghorn Kings Wharf Kingscourt Kingscross Estates Kingston Kingston Mills Kingston Station Kingsview Park Kingsview Village Kingsville Kinhuron Kinsale Kipling Heights Kitchener Kleinburg Kleinburg Station Klie's Beach Komoka Komoka Station Korah Kossuth Kramer Subdivision Kunda Park Kurtzville L'Ange-Gardien L'Orignal La Salle Lagoon City Lajeunesse Bridge Lake Huron Highland Lake on the Mountain Lake Park Lake Rosalind Lakefield Lakeland Acres Lakeland Point Lakeport Lakeside Beach Lakeview Lakeview Estates Lakeview Heights Lakeview Park Lambeth Lambton Mills Lanark Lancaster Langman Langstaff Langton Lansing Larchwood LaSalle LaSalle Park Lash Latta Laurentian View Laurentien Lauriston Lawrence Heights Lawrence Manor Lawrence Park Lawton's Corners Leamington Leaside Leckie Park Ledgerwoods Corner Lefaives Corners Lefroy Legge Leitrim Lemonville Leonard Leonards Beach Leslie Park Levack Levergood Beach Lillies Lily Oak Limehouse Limoges Lincoln Lincoln Heights Lincolnville Lind Linden Beach Lindenlea Lindenwood Lindsay Linton Lisbon Lisgar Little Lake Little Longlac Little Rapids Littles Corners Lively Liverpool Livingstone Lloydtown Lo-Ellen Lobo Siding Locust Hill Lombardy London Long Branch Long Sault Longford Longford Mills Longmoor Longtinville Loree Lorne Lorne Beach Lorne Park Lorne Park Estates Lorneville Loughbreeze Louise Lovett Lower Holleford Lower Wingham Lowertown Lowville Loyal Loyalist Park Lucan Lucan Crossing Lucasville Lucknow Lundy's Lane Luxemburg Lyn Lyndale Lynhurst Lynn Valley Lynwood Village Lypps Beach MacAskill MacDonald Beach Mack Maclean Park MacLeod MacTier Macville Madoc Madoc Junction Madsen Mair Mills Maitland Malcolm Malton Malvern Malvern West Malwood Manchester Manitou Park Manitouwadge Mannheim Manor Park Manordale Manotick Manotick Station Mansewood Maple Maple Beach Maple Hill Maple Hills Maple Lake Park Maple Lane Annex Maple Park Maple View Maplegrove Marathon Marchhurst Marchmont Marden Mariatown Marina Estates Mariposa Beach Markdale Markham Markland Woods Markstay Markstay-Warren Marmora Marmora Station Marsdale Marshall Park Marshfield Marston Marthaville Martin Martin Grove Gardens Martindale Heights Martins Martins Corners Martyrs Shrine Marvin Heights Marygrove Maryvale Marywood Meadows Maskinonge Park Masonville Mayerville Mayfield Mayhew Mayne Corners Maywood McCormick McCrea Heights McDiarmid's Shore McDonald Court McDougall McFarlane Lake McGregor McGregor Junction McKellar Heights McKellar Park McKenzie Island McKerrow McLennan's Beach McLeodville McMillan McMurchy Settlement McNab McQueen McRae Beach Meadow Park Meadow Wood Meadowlands Meadowside Meadowvale South Meadowvale Station Meadowvale Village Meadowvale West Meaford Mechanicsville Medonte Medora Medway Heights Melduf Meneset Menoke Beach Merivale Merivale Gardens Merivale Station Merritton Metcalfe Miami Beach Michipicoten Michipicoten River Midhurst Midhurst Station Midland Midland Point Mikkola Millers Corner Millgrove Millgrove Station Millhaven Milliken Milltown Milton Milton Heights Milton Spur Mimico Mimico Beach Mineral Springs Minet's Point Minnitaki Minnow Lake Minto Mirwins Park Mississauga Mississauga Beach Mississauga Valley Mississippi Mills Mitchell Mitchell Heights Mitchell's Corners Moffat Mohawk Meadows Molesworth Mongolia Monkton Mono Mills Mono Road Montebello Montgomery Crossing Montrose Junction Mooneys Bay Moons Beach Moons Corners Moonstone Moore Park Moorefield Mooretown Mooselanka Beach Morgan Morrisburg Morrisburg Station Morriston Mossington Park Mount Albert Mount Albion Mount Charles Mount Dennis Mount Forest Mount Healy Mount Hope Mount Joy Mount Nemo Mount Pleasant Mount Vernon Mount Zion Mountain Gardens Mountain View Beach Mountsberg Mulgrave Mulhern Mulloys Munster Murphy Beach Murray Mine Muskoka Beach Muskoka Falls Musselman's Lake Myrtle Myrtle Station Nairn Centre Nakoma Nantyr Nantyr Park Napanee Nashville Nassau Nation Valley Naughton Navan Nelles Estates Nelson Nelson Park Nepean New California New Dundee New Edinburgh New Hamburg New Prussia New Scotland New Sudbury New Tecumseth New Toronto New Wasaga Beach Newbliss Newburgh Newbury Newbury Station Newcastle Village Newmarket Newport Newry Newton Brook Niagara Falls Niagara Falls Centre Niagara Falls South Niagara Gardens Niagara-on-the-Lake Nicholsons Point Nickel Centre Nickeldale Nicolston Nilestown Nipigon Nipissing Junction Nipissing Ouest Nithburg Nobleton Nordic Townsite Norman Normanhurst North Bay North End North Glanford North Glencoe Station North Gower North McIntyre North Oshawa North Park North Parry North Perth North Portage North Russell North Thamesville North Toronto North Ward North York Northcrest Northdale Northland Northwest Basin Northwood Park Norval Norval Station Norwood Notman Notre-Dame-des-Champs Nottawa O'Donnell Landing Oak Acres Oak Lake Oak Ridges Oakdene Point Oakhill Oakhill Forest Oakland Oakridge Oakridge Acres Oakridge Park Oakview Beach Oakville Oakwood Corners Odena Odessa Ogden's Beach Oil City Oil Springs Ojibway Old Fort Old Fort Erie Old Glenridge Old Mill Old Stittsville Oldcastle Oliphant Olive Oliver Omagh Omemee Onaping Onaping Falls Orangeville Orchard Orchard Beach Orchard Grove Orchard Heights Orchard Park Orchard Point Orillia Oriole Parkway Orkney Beach Orleans Oro Beach Oro Lea Beach Oro Park Oro Station Orono Orr Lake Orr's Lake Orrville Osawin Osborne Corners Osgoode Oshawa Ossossane Beach Ostrander Ottawa Ottawa East Ottawa South Ottawa West Otter Lake Otterville Outlet Overbrook Overflow Owen Sound Oxbow Park Oxford Mills Oxford Park Oxley Oxmead Painswick Pakenham Palermo Palgrave Palm Beach Palmerston Paradise Beach Paradise Point Paris Park Beach Park Head Park Royal Parkdale Parkhill Parkinson Parkside Beach Parkview Heights Parkview Hill Parkway Parkway Park Parkway West Parkwood Parkwood Hills Parry Sound Patterson Patton Payne Paynes Paynes Mills Peekaboo Point Peel Village Pefferlaw Pelham Pelham Centre Pelham Corners Pelletier Bridge Pembroke Pembroke Junction Penetang Penetanguishene Peninsular Park Penville Perkinsfield Perry's Corners Perrys Lane Perth Perth Park Peru Petaguishene Beach Petawawa Petawawa Point Peterborough Petersburg Petrie Shore Petrolia Phelans Phillipsburg Phillipston Piccadilly Pickerel Point Pickering Pickering Beach Pickering Village Pickle Lake Picton Pike Creek Pine Beach Pine Crest Point Pine Grove Pine Meadows Pine Orchard Pine Ridge Pine River Pinecrest Pinedale Pineglen Pineglen Annex Pinehurst Park Pineview Piperville Pitts Ferry Plainfield Plainville Planet Plattsville Playfair Park Pleasant Corners Pleasant Valley Pleasant View Pleasant View Survey Pleasantville Plympton-Wyoming Point Alexander Point Anne Point Edward Polson Park Pomona Pond Mills Poplar Grove Port Bolster Port Carling Port Colborne Port Credit Port Dalhousie Port Darlington Port Dover Port Elmsley Port Hope Port Maitland Port McNicoll Port Nelson Port Perry Port Robinson Port Rowan Port Ryerse Port Sandfield Port Severn Port Stanley Port Sydney Port Union Port View Beach Port Weller Port Weller East Port Whitby Portage Park Portsmouth Pottageville Potter Pottersburg Power Glen Powles Corners Precious Corners Preneveau Prescott Preston Preston Lake Price Prices Corner Priceville Primrose Prince Albert Princess Anne Manor Princess Margaret Princeton Priory Park Progreston Prophet Beach Puce Punkeydoodles Corners Purdy Corners Purple Hill Purpleville Quaker Qualicum Quantztown Queens Acres Queenston Queensville Queensway Gardens Queensway Terrace North Queensway Terrace South Queenswood Heights Queenswood Village Quinte West Railton Rama Road Ramsayville Randall Randolph Rannoch Rattray Park Estates Ratzburg Ravenna Ravenscliffe Ravensview Rayside Rayside-Balfour Red Lake Red Rock Reddendale Rednersville Reeces Corners Regent Regent Park Reid's Mill Reidsville Remington Park Renforth Renfrew Renfrew Junction Renton Revelstoke Rexdale Rheault Rich Hill Richardson Richmond Richmond Hill Richvale Richview Gardens Rideau Gardens Rideau Glen Rideau Heights Rideau Park Rideauview Ridgehill Ridgemont Ridgemount Ridgetown Ridgeview Ridgeville Ridgeway Ridgewood Ridley Heights Ringwood Ripley River Canard River Drive Park Riverdale Riversdale Riverside Riverside Park Riverside Park South Riverside Trailer Park Riverview Riverview Beach Riverview Heights Riverview Park Riviere-aux-Canards Roberts Robin's Point Robinson Robinson Subdivision Rocher Fendu Roches Point Rock Chapel Rock Mills Rock's Mills Rockcliffe Park Rockcliffe Survey Rockcut Rockland Rockland East Rockside Rockway Rodney Roeberta Park Romford Rosanna Rose Hill Estates Rosebank Station Rosedale Point Rosedale Terrace Roseland Rosemount Rosendale Roseville Rosseau Rosseau Road Rosslyn Village Rossmore Rothwell Heights Rothwell Village Rouge Rouge Hill Rouge Park Rows Corners Roxbourgh Royal Royal Beach Rugby Rummelhardt Runnymede Rush Point Russell Ruthven Ryan Farm Ryckmans Ryckmans Corners Ryderville Rymal Saginaw Salem Salford Saltford Sand Pit Sandhill Sandwich Sandy Beach Sandy Cove Sandy Cove Acres Sandy Hill Sandy Hook Sandy Point Sandy Point Beach Sarnia Sarsfield Sault Ship Canal Sault Ste. Marie Sayers Mills Scarborough Scarborough Station Scarborough Village Scarlet Park Schindelsteddle Schomberg Schomberg Heights Schreiber Scone Scotch Block Scotland Scottsville Scugog Scugog Centre Scugog Point Seacliffe Sebastopol Sebringville Secord Seeley Selwyn Serpent River Severn Bridge Seymour Beach Shady Nook Shakespeare Shallow Lake Shanes Shannons Corners Shannonville Shanty Bay Sharon Sheahan Estates Shedden Sheffield Glen Shelburne Shep Shep's Subdivision Sheridan Homelands Sheridan Park Sherkston Sherwood Forest Sherwood Forrest Sherwood Springs Sherwood Village Shipman Shirley Shirleys Bay Shisler Point Shore Acres Shoreacres Silver Bay Silver Creek Silver Hills Silvers Corners Silverthorne Simard Simcoe Simcoe Beach Simcoe Lodge Simcoeside Simpson Corners Sims Locks Sioux Lookout Six Mile Corner Six Points Skyline Slade Sligo Smithdale Smithfield Smiths Falls Smithville Snedden Snelgrove Snider Snowball Snyder Solina South Gloucester South Huron South Keys South Lancaster South March South March Station South Napanee South Parry South Portage South Walkerville South Windsor South Wynhurst Southcote Southcrest Estates Southdale Southview Beach Southview Cove Southview Estates Southwood Spaffordton Spanish Sparkle City Sparta Speersville Speyside Spier Sprecher Spring Valley Springhurst Beach Springmount Squire Squires Beach St-Onge St. Agatha St. Andrews St. Andrews West St. Anns St. Catharines St. Christopher St. Clair Beach St. Claire Gardens St. Clements St. George St. Jacobs St. James Town St. Joachim Station St. Lawrence Woods St. Marys St. Marys Junction St. Phillips St. Thomas St. Williams Stafford Stamford Stamford Centre Stamford Station Stampville Stanley Stanley Corners Stanley Park Stapledon Starrview Acres Stayner Steel Steeles Steeles Corners Steelton Stephens Bay Stevensville Stewart Heights Stewarttown Stewarttown Station Stittsville Stockdale Stonebrook Stoney Creek Stoney Creek Station Stoneybrook Stop 19 Stouffville Strabane Strange Strasburg Stratford Strathburn Strathcona Gardens Strathcona Park Strathearn Strathroy Streetsville Streetsville Junction Stroud Sturgeon Bay Sturgeon Beach Sturgeon Falls Sturgeon Point Sudbury Suez Sullivan Sulphide Summerhill Summerstown Summerville Summit Sunderland Sunkist Beach Sunningdale Sunnyside Sunset Beach Sunset Corners Sunset Park Sunset View Sunstrum Sutherland Sutton Sutton West Swan Crossing Swansea Sweaburg Switzerville Sydenham Tafton Talbotville Royal Tam O'Shanter Tamarac Estates Tanglewood Tansley Tapleytown Taradale Tarbert Taunton Tecumseh Teeswater Telfer Tent City Terra Cotta Terra View Heights Terrace Bay Terrace Hill Teston Thamesford Thamesville The Annex The Beaches The Blue Mountains The Delta The Donovan The Glebe The Golden Mile The Gore The Grange The Junction The Kingsway The Maples The Meadows The P Patch The Sixth The Tannery Theresa Thessalon Thibeault Terrace Thistletown Thompson Hill Thompsonville Thorah Beach Thornbury Thorncliff Thorncliffe Thorncrest Village Thorndale Thornhill Thornlea Thornton Thorold Thorold Park Thorold South Thorpe Thorton Woods Thrasher's Corners Three Bridges Thunder Bay Thurlow Tiffin Tilbury Tilbury Station Tilley Tillsonburg Tillsonburg Junction Tincap Tiverton Toanche Tollendal Tollgate Tormore Toronto Torrance Tottenham Townsend Townsend Centre Trafalgar Trafalgar Heights Tranquility Trend Village Trenton Trenton Junction Trinity Triple Bay Park Trout Lake Trout Mills Trowbridge Tubbs Corners Tuftsville Tullamore Tunney's Pasture Turner Turners Corners Tutela Heights Tweedside Tweedsmuir Twelve O'Clock Point Twin City Twin Elm Two Mile Corner Tyandaga Tyneside Tyotown Tyrone Tyrrell Ungers Corner Union Unionville University Gardens University Heights Uplands Uptergrove Urbandale Utica Utopia Utterson Uxbridge Vachell Val Caron Val Therese Valley East Valleyview Van Horne Vanastra Vandeleur Vandorf Vanier Vankleek Hill Vankleek Hill Station Vanneck Varency Varna Varney Vars Vaughan Vellore Verner Verona Verulam Park Vickers Heights Victoria Harbour Victoria Hills Victoria Park Victoria Place Victoria Point Victoria Square Victoria Village Victory Hill Viewlake Village Lanthier Village Meadows Vinegar Hill Vineland Vineland Station Vinemount Vinette Virgil Virginia Virginia Beach Viscount Alexander Park Vista Heights Vivian Vosburg Vroomanton Vyner Waddington Beach Wade Wagaming Wahnapitae Wahnekewaning Beach Waldemar Walden Walkerton Walkerville Wallace Heights Wallaceburg Wallbridge Wallenstein Wardsville Warings Corner Warminster Warren Wasaga Beach Washago Washington Waterdown Waterdown North Waterford Waterloo Watterson Corners Waubaushene Waverly Beach Wawa Webbwood Webster Wees Beach Welcome Welland Welland South Weller Weller Park Wellington Wendake Beach Wendover Wesley Wesley Corners West Brant West Corners West Deane Park West Essa West Flamborough West Fort William West Franklin West Gravenhurst West Hamilton West Hill West Humber Estates West Lorne West Lynde West Monkton West Nipissing West Osgoode West Riverside Westboro Westbrook Westbrook Heights Westcliffe Estates Westdale Western Hill Westminster Westmount Weston Westover Wexford Wexford Heights Whaley's Corners Wheatley Whitby Whitchurch-Stouffville White White Hills White Oak White River White Rose Whitefish Whitehaven Whites Whites Junction Whitevale Wilcox Lake Wildfield Wilfrid Williamsburg Willow Lake Willowbank Willowdale Willowood Willroy Wilmot Centre Wilson Wilson Heights Wilson Point Wilsonwood Wilton Grove Wiltshire Park Winchester Windsor Windsor Heights Windsor Park Village Windsor-Walkerville Windward Sands Wingham Wings Winona Winona Park Winston Park Winterbourne Woburn Wodehouse Woodbine Gardens Woodbine Heights Woodbridge Woodburn Woodford Woodhill Woodhouse Acres Woodland Woodland Acres Woodland Beach Woodlands Woodpark Woodridge Woodrow Beach Woodrowe Shores Woodstock Woodvale Woodville Woodward Wrigley Corners Wroxeter Wychwood Park Wyebridge Wyevale Wylie Wymbolwood Beach Wyndham Hills Wynhurst Beach Wyoming Yankee Bonnet Yarker Yawkey Yellek Yerexville Yongehurst York York Height York Mills Yorkville Young's Cove Youngs Harbour Youngstown Ypres Zimmerman Zion Hill & Maybe Your Cottage?

We do not accept orders by phone, they have to be entered online though the website. We prefer not to take questions by phone, rather we prefer to be contacted using the Sales contact form so that we have a chance to prepare a well thought out e-mail reply . Please or use the Support page for all other topics . (Forquestions on website hosting, design, ecommerce or SEO inquiries please use the Support contact form.)

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