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WRS Phone - For Home or Business

Last Updated: 9 April 2024

WRS Home Phone WRS Business Phone

WRS Phone is available as either a WRS Home Phone service at $29.95 per month or a WRS Business Phone service at $35.95 per month. (Plus a one time fee of $7.99). The technology used for both is what is called 'voice over internet protocol' (VoIP). You will need to aleady have an internet connection or internet plan in order to use WRS Phone, as these plans use the internet to make or recieve phone calls. (We also sell internet plans if you need one.) Both include unlimited Canada and unlimited USA calling. (Other international calling is blocked by default, but if you need it we can provide, please email us to inquire.) You can transfer ('port') your current phone number or have us provide a new one. Many phone features are included, such as:

If you are transfering a phone number from another provider, please have that account number handy before palcing the order. We will also need to know the name(s) on that account as they appear on their invoice, as well as the date that you wish to dicsonnect / transfer the service.


It is critcial that you are aware that 911 if called from a VoIP service (such as this) then it will usually direct responders to the address on your account. If the phone service is to be used at a different address than that on your account (or if you move), we need to know this, so that we can configure the 911 service to work with that other address. If you are not certain what all this means, please email us and ask. Regardless, if you ever have to call 911, please always tell then you current physcial location, (rather than assuming that they know where you are)!

Hardware Requirements

Hardware is required. You will need to provide your own phone, plus you will most likely need to provide your own ATA device. The ATA is a box that you plug your traditional phone into with a phone cord, then the box conencts to your existing internet. We cannot provide tech support for ATA devices which you provide. We do offer the option for you to buy a Grandstream HT-812 as part of placing your order. The Grandstream HT-812 delivers powerful VoIP technology and easy-to-use capabilities for your home phone needs. It is equipped with 2 FS ports and a Gigabit NAT router to provide you with connectivity solutions. The Grandstream HT-812 retails for $59.95 (plus a one time shipping fee of $12.95).

HT812 Front View HT812 Back View

Universal Call Blocking

In 2018, the CRTC mandated that all voice telecommunications service providers implement universal network-level call blocking. Universal network-level call blocking is a solution intended to reduce the number of unwanted illegitimate calls that Canadians receive, and works by blocking blatantly illegitimate calls from reaching millions of Canadians. This should not affect expected calls.

Can I choose to block calls on my own?

Yes, you will still have the ability to manage your own blocked calls. We have multiple ways of doing so: