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Modems for use with WRS Web Solutions Inc.

Modems for use with WRS Web Solutions Inc. cable or DSL high speed internet services in various provinces across various networks. Please be sure to pick the correct modem for the correct network, as we deliver services over multiple networks, each having unique modem requirements. Some modems might be usable over more than one network, but may would not be. We do not rent or loan modems, we only sell them. We do not make much profit on modems. The high cost of modems has more to do with the high wholesale cost of modems than any other factor. In all cases, when you order internet services from us, we will provide you with the option to buy a modem as part of the online order process, and that is usually the best way to buy the correct modem to meet your needs. Please note that the vaious netwroks we use, require us to restrict the modem that we sell to the maxium speeds permitted by the network for your use of that model of modem.

Cable High Speed Suitable Modems for the WRS Cable Plans - Ontario (Rogers Network)

Vendor Model Hardware
Firmware Version Built
Cisco DPC3848 2 dpc3800-v303r2042161-140428a Yes 250
Cisco DPC3848 2 dpc3800-v303r2042161-160115a Yes 250
Cisco V 1 dpc3800- v303r2042162-160115a Yes 120
Cisco VM . TS9.1.93 . 250
Coship CCM8200 1 . 60
Hitron CDA3 1A No 250
Hitron CGN-CWV 1A No 60
Hitron CDA-RES 1A No 60
Motorola SB6141 7 No 60
Motorola SBG6580 1 Yes 60
Motorola SBG6580 1 Yes 60
SmartRG SR804n 1 . 60
Technicolor DCM475 1.0/2.3.0 STAC.02.16 No 60
Technicolor DCM475 1.1STAC.02.16 No 60
Technicolor DCM476 2 or 2.1 STAC 2.50 No 60
Technicolor TC4300 . STFC 01.01 No 60
Technicolor DCW775 1.1 STB5.01.51 . 60
Technicolor DPC3848V . . . 250

The above is a list of approved cable internet modems for use with our internet plans delivered over the Rogers lines and is current as of 28 June 2017, and is subject to change at any time without notice.

We sell suitable modem. You may buy one when you order services. We do not rent modems.

Cable High Speed Suitable Modems for the WRS Cable Plans - Quebec & Ontario (Cogeco Networks)

Requires at least a DOCSIS 3 4x4 modem (at least four bonded downstream channels and four bonded upstream channels), whose firmware version has been certified compatible by our last-mile partner. However, only 8x4 modems are upgradable to 120 Mbps on this platform. Please note that none of the wireless modems we sell can be used on the Cogeco networks, even if that modem is listed as suitable (as the frimware version we have on the ones we sell are for a different network).

ModemFirmwareMaxium Permitted Speed
ARRIS TG2472G v303r2042162-141212a 120 Mbps
Cisco DPC3000 v303r2390-090629a 60 Mbps
Cisco DPC3000 dpc3000-v303r2393-130613a.p7b 60 Mbps
Cisco DPC3825 dpc3825-v302r125573-130625a 120 Mbps
Cisco DPC3848VM TS9.1.93 120 Mbps
Coship CCM8200 120 Mbps
Hitron CGN-CWV 120 Mbps
Hitron CDA3 120 Mbps
Hitron CDA-RES 4.2.17NA-T1 120 Mbps
Motorola SB6141 120 Mbps
Motorola SBG6580 120 Mbps
SmartRG SR804n 120 Mbps
Technicolor DCM476 STAC 2.50 120 Mbps
Technicolor TC4300 STFC 01.01 120 Mbps

This was last updated 28 June 2017, and is subject to change without notice.

Approved Cable Modems - Alberta and British Columbia (Shaw Cable Network)

Vendor Model Firmware Version Wireless Maximum Speed
Hitron CDA3-20 CDA3- NO 150
Hitron CDA-RES NO 60
Huawei MT130U MT130UV100R001C01B072 NO 60
SmartRG SR804n 60 Mbps
Technicolor TC4350 50041.1.15.0FW4350 NO 150
Thomson DCM475 AC.02.51-131008-F-D.img NO 60
Technicolor TC4300 FC.01.01-141212-F-D.img NO 60
Motorola SB6141 Komodo_1.0.6.12 NO 60
Motorola SB6120 NO 20

List current as of 28 Jun 2017, and subject to change without notice.

Buy A Modem Without Internet Services

It is possible to buy any modem we offer from us, without buying internet services from us. Please note that orders for shipping outside our usual service areas for those modems may have higher shipping costs. Modem availability may vary. Shipments outside Canada may be charged duties, taxes, etc by the destination country. If you do not see a link on our system to buy the modem that you think we migth be ableto sell you, then please contact us by e-mail and ask.