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Switch Cable Internet Service Providers
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Switch Cable Internet Service Providers

To read more information on how to switch cable internet service providers, or on how to switch DSL, ADSL, VDSL, FTTN, fibre internet providers, please click on the name of your current internet service provider below:

Switch From Bell Internet Switch From Cogeco Switch From Rogers Switch From Shaw Cable Internet Switch From Telus Internet Switch From Videotron

If after reading that information, you have still questions, please ask them before placing an order. Please answer all relevant questions when placing the order. Please do not cancel your current cable internet service before the transfer is complete. Please note that billing begins on the date you place the order, (even though it may take a week or more to complete the transfer). Our plans do not include cable TV, or a Home Phone. We do not lock you into term contracts, we do not have term contracts.

Please note that payment is required in full at the time you place your order, and that you will usually need to buy a modem from us as part of placing your order. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal. We are a 'pay in advance' service. Your future Invoices would be sent by email on about the last day of each calander month, and would usually be due the next day (the first day of the following calander month). Please ensure that you add our email address to your contacts or safe senders list, etc, so that you actually see our Invoices.

If you are providing the machine ID and serial number of any modem you already own, then please be clear on which number is which. If you are planning to keep a cable TV plan or Home phone plan etc, please be sure to exlain that in the notes area of the order, oe else they will most likely end when you switch to us. If you are in a contact with your current internet service provider, then you would not be able to switch to us until the contract ends.

What is cable internet?

Cable internet is a term we use to describe internet delivered over a traditional coax cable TV line, from the wires that are either on poles in front of or behind your home, or from underground cable TV lines that run along your street or back lane, etc. (If you are getting internet from a satellite dish, that is not what we are referring to by the term cable internet.) When comparing our terms to those used by Videotron, when they say hybrid fibre or hybrid cable fibre, think 'cable internet'. If cable companies say 'cable fibre', also think cable internet. In all of the above we are planning to use the exact same line that you are getting your internet service on now, just changing who you are buying your internet service from not the line you are getting it over (and that usually means that you will also have to change modems).

Switch ADSL - DSL - VDSL - FTTN Internet Provider

Now, at the risk of confusing things, we have also added Switch from Bell Internet & Switch from Telus Internet to this page, (even though they are not cable internet providers, as they use the phone lines as oppsed to the cable TV lines) as we were not sure where else to place those two topics (as you see we are able to also deliver internet over Bell phone lines (except in Manitoba) where they are DSL capable and over Bell phone lines in Ontario & Quebec where they are FTTN capable, and much the same in Alberta & BC using Telus lines. In all cases it is best to ask us to check your address for serviceability before ordering.

What if my Internet Provider is Not Listed Above?

Then please ask us to check the address for you.