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Toronto Cable Companies
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Toronto Cable Companies

The list of Toronto cable companies is very much dominated by Rogers. This is because traditionally cable companies and indeed the whole cable industry has in both Canada and the USA been closely regulated by the Federal governments. In the Canada that governing body is the CRTC. One result of this was that there was no original intent of their being competition in the cable industry, rather each company would have a monopoly over its service area(s). Licenses were given out such that service areas among cable companies did not overlap (with the exception of the Hamilton area now having a cable TV network overlap). Thus the list of Toronto cable companies was pretty much just Rogers until recently.

To complicate matters still further, the lines that distinguish cable company, from a phone company, have in recent decades been permitted by the CRTC to blur to the point that cable companies now sell phone services and phone companies such as Bell now sell cable TV like services. In addition the technology is changing, in that a second type of cable lines are being laid, which are a fibre (in Canada spelt fibre as opposed to fiber in the USA) type of cable. Fibre is a better technical solution that cable, allowing greater speeds and more services that the cable lines can provide.

Yes there are still technical differences between cable and phone companies as far as the CRTC is concerned. On top of that the CRTC to its credit, has made great efforts to introduce and maintain competition in the cable high speed internet marketplace, by allowing for re-sellers and wholesalers. This has brought numerous companies into the market for the high speed internet end of things, but not so much for the cable TV end of things. WRS Web Solutions Inc. is one of these companies, see our Home Page on this website for more information on our service area by place name and then the plans and prices offer in each place. Other notable names include: Teksavvy, Start, Comwave, Vmedia, Yak, and and several others.

In addition (usually foreign unregulated) streaming services, (which usually equates to 'Netflix'), have to a great extent displaced regulated cable TV among the younger generations, just as cell / mobile phones have replaced home phones (copper wire telephones) among those same generations. The future of both the phone and the cable companies may end up being simply as 'high speed internet providers' and 'mobile phone companies'. It should all provide to be very interesting indeed!