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Google Mobile Usability Report | Blog Post
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Google Mobile Usability

Google Mobile Usability Report is a new feature under the Google Webmaster Tools umbrella. But it is more than just a new feature, dollars to donuts it is also a new element in the Google algorithm. If your website is ranked poorly by Google when it crawls it and applies this test, (and yes it has started doing this and started handing out notices to the unfortunate via Google Webmaster Tools Accounts), then your website will be ranked accordingly in Google's mobile web results, and maybe also in its desktop web results as well. Basically Google wants mobile users to have a good mobile user experience. That is a good goal. Since Google is the predominant search engine I guess we had best all get with the program! :)

So the future of all website is that they must be 'fully responsive' which means that they had better display well on desktops, laptops, tablets and all mobile devices, etc, or they will either not be showing up in Google search results, or if they do they will be so far down the list that they might as well not be ranked at all! So the choice is yours. Now if you are not sure how your website fares, well the good news is Google has provided free tool which will let you enter your domain name and see. It is "Google Mobile-Friendly Test", just search for that phrase online and you will find it. If you have a Google Search Console account the feature is now there as an option as well.

If your website was made with WordPress, and you have kept it up to date, and you have automatic updates on, then you should be OK. If you have a custom theme you might not be OK. Best you check and be sure. While you are at it you should keep your plugins up to date as well.

We hope you enjoyed this very first blog post on this new Blog on this website. Who knows, maybe we well even get around to writing some more! Time will indeed tell.

Google Mobile Friendly continues to be a vital aspect of on site SEO for all website owners.

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