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The Future of Television

The future Of TV or television is unclear to many yet very clear to others. Have you ever heard anyone remark, "999 channels and nothing on?" I know I have, and I suspect I am not alone. It seems that we had more TV shows to watch in the days when we had only a handful of channels. Now there are tons of channels and it seems like there is nothing on worth watching.

Have our expectations risen? I remember when we had only two channels. You only had to turn the knob (yes it was a knob in those days, and you had to walk over to the TV, as remotes had not yet been invented, and the TVs were mostly black and white) one way or another but not far. That was the origin of 'channel surfing', but we did not call it that. Often as well you had to adjust the antenna on top of the TV, the 'rabbit ears'. That said do you know how much per month we paid for those two channels? Why nothing at all they were totally free!

So now we seem to pay a lot of money for a lot of channels, and still it seems expensive and it still seems like there is not much on. It would be so nice to just pick and pay for the channels we want to watch, but the government will not allow that. Maybe in the future they will, who knows. We also have to have many channels we do not want and never watch.

The future is 'Internet TV' or 'IPTV'. The future is here for some and coming for others. Some already use services such as Netflix. Well, you will see more of this sort of thing in the future. Many people are cutting the cable TV cable all together. In a lot of cases the younger people are simply not getting cable when they more out on their own, and not later on either. Much the same applies to land line telephones, you know the old black rotary dial ones bolted on your hallway wall (OK so most people have stepped up a bit in the world home phone wise since then). You get the picture though, mobile phones have replaced those. The future will be more of a convergence of the Internet, and IPTV and your TV. We are fast approaching it, the technology is already here. The key to this new technology is often thought to be the removal of bandwidth caps on customer accounts by internet service providers.

We hope you enjoyed this our second blog post on this new Blog on this website. Who knows, maybe we well even get around to writing a few more! I guess you will just have to come back later on and see. Suggestions welcome!

As time goes by, more and more people turn from cable TV to steaming movies and TV shows. Yesterday I heard a new term for 'cable tv', the term was 'old TV'. Still younger people ask what was cable TV?