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Rogers Cable Coverage Map

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Rogers cable coverage map. Those were the keywords that Google displayed on the bottom of its page as a suggested search, a few minutes back when I was surfing the internet. So I clicked on it, but I was disappointed (but not surprised) to not see such a map, or even such a list, though the above three provinec buttons help provide that info, (though part of that represents Shaw,Cogeco, and Bell network place names, which are usually also serviceable for interent by WRS Web Solutions Inc. It is also a topic very near and dear to the hearts of WRS Web Solutions Inc., which tries to compete with Rogers over the Rogers cable network, as well as with other internet service providers in lots of places. In terms of trying, I think it does a good job, though few people know about it, compare prices and plans yourself, and you decide. So I decided to write about 'Rogers cable coverage map' as the topic of this Blog post, hopefully that is OK with everyone. :)

WRS Web Solutions Inc. has long sought a nice simple clear accurate list of the place names where Rogers cable is available in Ontario, and indeed in Canada. That list forms part of its market research. That list is not available from Rogers (even though they are a great bunch of guys and gals and I highly respect the company), or anyone else. Of course anyone in the public can try to make up such a list from publicly available sources, trial and error, and a lot of hard detective work. WRS Web Solutions Inc. has tried to do all of that, and more, to try and come up with that list.

The reason why WRS Web Solutions Inc. cares about making a list of Rogers cable coverage map place names, is that it tries to very much focus its website by Rogers cable coverage map availability by place name, so that it can try to compete with Rogers cable in those places.

It is however very important to note, that WRS Web Solutions Inc, does not offer cable TV channels, (just cable internet) but it a great way to watch Netflix! By the way, compared to WRS Web Solutions Inc., some of Rogers prices for its bundles of cable TV, cable internet, and Home Phone might be a better deal, as WRS Web Solutions such not offer such bundles.

So, time to share a bit of what I have learned about the Rogers cable coverage map, so to speak. First off Rogers cable serves a good portion of Ontario, from about Sudbury southward, less the territory that the CRTC assigned to Cogeco cable, and the NorthWest whcih seems to be Shaw. (WRS Web Solutions Inc. uses Cogeco & Shaw cable lines as well). Rogers also owns some other cable companies in Southern Ontario, (but WRS Web Solutions Inc, is not able to compete on those Rogers owned lines, as they are considered to be legally separate companies from Rogers), though it can try to compete using Bell DSL or FTTN lines in Ontario & Quebec.

In terms of cable internet availability in rural Ontario, it is very much matched to cable TV availability in rural Ontario. For example, if you live in a rural Ontario area, and you either have or you know that you can get Rogers cable TV at your home or business, then you should also be able to get cable internet from either Rogers cable or WRS Web Solutions Inc. Which means if you can't get cable TV then you can't get cable internet, because the cable internet is usually delivered over the same lines as cable TV uses, either with or without cable TV. (In the case of WRS Web Solutions Inc, it is always without cable TV channels.) If cable internet is not available where you live, which usually means rural Ontario, then you might be able to get DSL internet from WRS Web Solutions Inc. (Note, if you have tried to get DSL internet from Bell and they could not provide it, then no other DSL internet provider will be able to provide it either, as WRS Web Solutions Inc. and the other DSL internet providers usually all use the same DSL lines that Bell does, and if available the speeds would not be any faster than Bell speeds.) If you plan to order internet from WRS Web Solutions Inc., it is often best to ask them to confim interent internet available at your address before ordering. (Replies usually come within 24 hours.)

Unlike Cogeco cable, which has an address checker on their website, to help you determine address serviceability for cable TV or cable internet, Rogers cable only has a Postal Code checker. I have used their Postal Code checker a lot, and it is not perfect. WRS Web Solutions Inc. also had a Postal Code checker on most of their Ontario pages, but it does not have as much data to work wth as Rogers does. That Postal Code checker has been mostly pahed out, in favour of a more accurate list of place names (by province), and the internet plans on those place name pages are now (generlaly speaking) the correct sets of coax cable in internet and DSL internet plans which are likely avalable in that place (but might not be available at all addresses in that place).

Some large condo and apartment buildings in the GTA, use fibre internet, not cable internet. For those seeking Rogers cable internet type services that is not a problem, but it effectively prevents WRS Web Solutions Inc, from competing on the lines in those buildings, as it dos not yet have access to Rogers fibre to the Home (FTTH) lines.

Rogers also offers cable TV and cable internet services in Newfoundland, (but WRS Web Solutions Inc, is not yet able to compete over those lines, but it can try to compete using the Bell DSL lines in The Atlantic Provinces (but limited to using DSL7 and below, where available).


[Disclaimer – the above are the personal views and thoughts of the author on the topic of ‘Rogers cable coverage map’ as found in Google Canada (English language) search results, and do not necessarily reflect the views of any company or any government body. Those views are expressed for informational purposes only, with the intent for trying to be helpful to anyone searching for ‘Rogers cable coverage map’ search result in Google Canada. The above information cannot be guaranteed to be correct. Not intended for publication in the Province of Quebec. (Non destiné à être publié dans la province de Québec.)]